Pizza Party

My Dove chocolate “promises” this morning: “Let your light shine, the world is watching”. and “Life does have do-overs.”

Dove chocolates not only are the best tasting, silkiest dark chocolates in my opinion, but I love opening them up and reading the inspirational “promise” inside the wrapper! Having a full bag of them in my desk drawer is dangerous…

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, so let me back-track to Sunday for you.

Some friends came over to watch the VMAs…which were terrible by the way. Maybe I’m just not up to date enough on pop music and culture- but everything was really over-done to me and- just not good. Even Chelsea Handler, who I usually like, wasn’t really that funny.

Anywayy— the dinner that night did not dissapoint. Pizza is always a go-to at the end of a weekend, and this was no exception.

We decided on Viccinos.

Before we ate we had some sweet Reisling. It was actually pretty good even though I’m not usually a fan of sweet wines.

Also, some olives. And I picked some flowers from my front yard and filled- guess what- a ball jar! These ball jars are just so useful 🙂

And then there was pizza. Whole wheat thin crust, one was 1/2 eggplant, 1/2 spinach.

The other 1/2 mushroom, 1/2 cheese.

I like to top my pizza with giardinara, riggot (ricotta cheese), and parmesan.

And a salad on the side.

A nice relaxing night lounging on the couch was so necessary before the start of the week!

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