Organizing the Pantry

I kinda went organizing-crazy on Saturday.

I went to Ace Hardware and bought 2 boxes of ball jars for $12 each.

I emptied all the bags of beans and grains- and some other things- nuts, hot cocoa powder, coconut, sugar packets, etc… into the jars. And I labeled the top.

I know it is kinda crazy, but how great does that look!? I’m so excited about it!!!

…Sadly I’m leaving home soon but I hope my parents appreciate it 🙂 Now they can buy nuts, beans, and grains in bulk and just fill the jar!

This is what our canned pantry looks like. I didn’t do this- but I thought I’d show another way to organize a pantry.

…I know this is a ton of beans and tomato sauce- but we seriously cycle through this stuff in no time. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you can see why!

My mind is more at ease now that I finally organized like I’d been meaning to!

I’ll be back later with a recipe for Navy Bean Soup!

Have a good Monday 🙂

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