Japeleno Beet Cornbread

Get ready for a really, well, weird recipe.

You see, we had 2 beets leftover that my dad had roasted from the farmers’ merket. I saw this recipe from the Front Burner Blog (LOVE this blog!) and I had to try it out. I had been craving cornbread for a while anyway!

Start with the dry ingredients.

Blend the beet with the almond milk and some other stuff…

Pour into baking dish and bake for- well- longer than the recipe said. Probably closer to an hour.

The verdict was honestly a bit dissapointing- I think it needed to be a bit dryer and sweeter. Oh well. It goes well with the chili still!

However, it did NOT satisfy my craving for cornbread. Ho hum. Better get on that…

In other news, the organic farm that Carrie and I are helping out on (in like 10 days!) emailed us some details.

In summary:

  • He is excited that we are arriving on the equinox
  • We will be waking up with the sun every morning to water, weed, pick plants, and help with construction projects that may be happening 
  • We will help pick plants for farmers’ markets (COOL!)
  • We will need to learn how to drive a small tractor
  • Food and cooking are central themes (HOORAY!)
  • He is connected to lots of world class musicians and artists so our stay will be more than just gardening
  • There will be plenty of downtime to read, relax, and draw.
  • He wants us to journal (I asked if this journal can be in the form of a blog 😉 )
  • His son is working at a nearby winery (we will probably be drinking some great wine!)

Sounds awesome to me. It’ll be nice to slow things down and appreciate the basic simple things in life. And learn a LOT. I cannot be more excited to see what this is all about!

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3 Responses to Japeleno Beet Cornbread

  1. Thanks for the recipe and I hope that you have an amazing time on the organic farm,I know you will certainly learn a lot.Best wishes.

  2. Booo I’m sorry you didn’t like it. 😦 I wonder if we had more beet than you did – our final version was much more pink than yours! Might have also affected the moisture content. Hope you find another recipe you like better!

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