Pot Luck Dinner with Friends

It’s hump day already! Don’t you love 4 day weeks?!

Let’s backtrack to Monday night- Labor day. It was a beautiful Chicago night.

(Blurry picture sorry)

A night where Chicago really lived up to its name, the windy city.

Despite the wind, it was a near perfect night for a pot-luck dinner atop Pammie’s rooftop deck 🙂 We did have to chase after a few flying plates, napkins, and cups, but it was worth it. The food and the company were great!

Pam made Tuna Salad

Carly made Peanut Noodles

Heather made Artichoke Dip

Jamie made Veggie Pizza

I made Bruchetta

Everything was really good! They were nice not to make anything with meat, whether they meant to be considerate or not 😉

It’s so rare to have a long, slow dinner lately with all of us on different schedules, so busy during the summer months. We had to plan this a week in advance to make it work! SO glad it did!

For my dish I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful late summer heirloom tomatoes that are present at the farmers’ markets.

I diced those and added some basil ribbobs, balsamic, and diced fresh mozzarella. Salt and Pepper of course.

Heirloom tomatoes are like candy.

Spoon that atop crusty bread and you’ve got yourself some bruchetta.

After all that food we still wanted something sweet. Forever Yogurt it was.

Mochi is such a great yogurt topping. It’s like a gummy bear- but it doesn’t stiffen up like that when it’s in ice cream. Mmmm.

I just love the concept of pot luck dinners-everyone contributing a little bit to the meal… When I get my own place I’m definitely hosting a ton of these… Whenever that will be! 🙂

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