Flat Out Paninis

Helloooo Friday! Today I had the day off of work, and in turn a day FULL of errands. My to-do list was quite extensive. No better way to start such a day than a big bowl of oatmeal, right?

And also I had a red-eye coffee, with the leftover coffee from my dad+2 shots espresso.

After breakfast I checked a few items off my list then had a long run. It was so nice running with this breezy, cool weather! I ran without music and enjoyed the sounds of the outdoors and appreciated the way the sun was filtering through the leaves onto the pavement.

When I got home I was starving, and my mom was too. I made us a Flat Out Panini, inspired my a “pita press” sandwich my cousin explained to us last night.

As usual, this plan was only half-baked when I started. I began by sauteing onion, garlic, and thyme.

I took a flat out wrap, filled it ricotta cheese, this onion-garlic mixture, and some fresh basil from the backyard.

Close that up and place onto my make-shift panini press. It was made of 2 cast-iron skillets, for nice browning and also weight to truly flatten this Flat Out.

The product?

Complete with grill lines and all.

I made another one, this time with tomato paste, leftover zucchini and eggplant, and parmesan.

The product?

With the leftover onion-garlic mixture, I combined some cucumber, cherry tomatoes (squeezed the seeds and some liquid out), and balsamic, salt, and pepper for a little salad.

It was a light and easy lunch. Thanks for the idea, Lisi 😉

Hope you have a great weekend– I’m heading out to the North Coast Music Festival- couldn’t ask for a better weather forecast—can’t wait!

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