Food fights: Locavores, conventional food fans battle over benefits

Just read this article- it was the front page of the Tribune this morning. Funny, because it really expands on my brief thoughts from last night. Please read here:

Local Food Movement,0,3015712.story

In recap (or what I like most about eating locally): The local food simply tastes better! It offers more nutritional value, and you form relationships with the farmers who produce your food. I think it was funny how they mentioned not wanting your food to go to waste, not just because it costs a bit more, but because of its high quality! This is what leads you to want to make “use up  the fridge” salads, like I did last night. I also find that at farmers’ markets you become exposed to new fruits and vegetables that make you want to expand your palate and experiment in the kitchen. And to me, that’s what is SO much fun about this local movement!

Also, you know that huge egg recall? Well, if we hedge our bets on produce production amongst more local farms as opposed to a few conventional, HUGE farms, we decrease our chances that one occurrence will wipe out a large quantity of goods.

Have you been to a farmers’ market yet this year? If not, what are you waiting for!?

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