Carbo Loading for…Nothing.

As promised, a recipe to get you into the fall mood…

Mm hmm. Nectarine Carrot Muffins- made with spelt flour and maple syrup. Roughly based on Angela’s recipe here.

I didn’t have applesauce, so I mashed a banana and a nectarine. I also added almonds, and did not use cocoa nibs. I like the crunch.

Lately all I’ve wanted to do is eat sweets- and lots of carbs. What am I carbo loading for? Nothing. Nothing at all. So these muffins serve as a healthy way of satisfying this urge of mine to eat every piece of bread in sight.

Tonight my cousin, aunt, mom and I went to dinner at La Casa de Isaac. I used to work with Isaac actually at my very first restaurant job at La Casa del Gordo (now closed). La Casa de Isaac is amazing. The food is consistently delicious, and the restaurant is always jam packed!

I always leave Mexican restaurants SO full…probably because I’m full from chips, salsa, and guac before my meal even arrives! Ho hum.

After dinner we toured Highland Park, making sure to visit the beach. It was a beautiful night!

I. Love. My. Camera. ❤

Anyway, the “beautiful evening” I just spoke of suddenly turned to pouring rain in an unexpected turn of events. Any chance of going downtown tonight has quickly gone away…it’s become the perfect night to snuggle under my covers and turn on a good movie. That’s for sure.

Sweet dreams 🙂

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