Math and Baking


Morning oats!

Don't forget the espresso!

Beautiful Saturday Morning

Best way to start the day!

After that oatmeal and coffee I went on a 22 mile bike ride with Julie. It was such a gorgeous morning, and the bike trail was pretty crowded. We rode at a relaxing pace, and just talked the whole time. So nice!

When we got back to my house I gave Julie a DateBite to sample- she loved it and wanted another one for the road 🙂 Having people taste what I make (and like it!) is probably my favorite part of cooking/baking.

After Julie left I went to the Deerfield Farmers’ Market with the intention of picking up some ripe peaches to make a pie of sorts. Unfortunately, every single peach I touched was rock hard (not ripe yet). Oh well.

But…look what I did find!

Pumpkins? Already?

Fall must be here!

More gourds

You could have convinced me it was fall last week, but it was back to the sticky, humid weather this weekend. Ho hum.

I love flowers!

Especially sunflowers!

Is it weird that when I think of sunflowers I think of the Fibonacci Sequence??? I’m such a math nerd.

Buy tomatoes before summer ends!

Spinach- imperfections and all

Raspberries for later...

basi smells soo good!

I had my mind set on baking with fresh fruit. Since the peaches failed me, I decided on berries. I looked on foodgawker for some cobbler/pie/crumble recipes. Since I was just baking for my own house, and there was no real occasion, I didn’t want to make something that was heavy in butter or anything. No, instead I wanted to make something healthy. I decided on a berry pie/cobbler- let’s call it a berry pobbler. Ok?

I didn’t use a recipe per se, but instead a combo of ideas I found online.

I started by making some homemade granola of sorts.

Oats and Pecans

I baked this at 350 for 10 minutes just to de-raw-ify it. Then I added unsweetened shredded coconut (surprise surprise), a bit of canola oil, a bit of almond milk, and some creamed honey.

The Crust Ingredients

Then I started on the filling.

Fresh berries

To that I added some spelt flower, honey, and some lemon zest.

Lemon Zest

First put a layer of the granola into a pie tin.

Layer One

Then spoon the berry mixture over the top, leaving space at the edge.

Layer Two

Lastly, place the rest of the granola over the top.

All layered, ready to bake.

Bake for 45 minutes at 350, until the berries start to break down. This recipe is vegan so you don’t have to worry about undercooking really.

Take a big slice for tasting...

Is it weird that this reminded me of a pie chart??? More math…really? Oh God…

1/8=.125...just saying.

I’m not gonna give you a recipe just yet. Still want to perfect this one- I didn’t sweeten the berries enough, and I think next time I would actually grind/blend the crust on the bottom, but still leave it granola-like on top. We’ll see if that works better. I guess I have to bake more pobblers to find out!

While the pie was baking I experimented in the grass with aperature.

See the blurry background?


A bit clearer...

Well, still learning on this new camera. But my head is hurting. Too much math. Too much thinking. Too much pobbler. Too late at night. Time for bed. Night!

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