Fresh From The Farm

After work today I went to a farmers’ market I hadn’t yet tried.

It was at night which was nice for people who work all day.

And tonight was such a gorgeous night.

I seriously couldn’t wait to snap pictures with my new camera!

Still getting the hang of it all…

I browsed the bins and the tents.

Saw some of the ugliest heirloom tomatoes.


Took pictures of some beautiful wildflowers

Look at that quality!

They smelled nice too 🙂

My mind was racing with ideas for dinner.

Or maybe my next couple of dinners…

Seasonal, local fruits and vegetables are what it’s all about! The flavor difference is noticeable since they’re picked at the peak of ripeness.

I bought what you see above…all for under 10 dollars!

On my way home I stopped at a local Italian Bakery for some pizza dough. That cost me $1.64.

I thought I’d make 1/2 pizza using the above…Eggplant, pepper, tomato varieties.

…And half with these ingredients above…Shiitake mushrooms, Thyme, Goat cheese.

Grilled em up…

And I decided to make the whole pizza on the grill… My dad showed me how- grill one side first…

Take off the grill and top it…I did 1/2 goat cheese/thyme mixture, and 1/2 tomato paste. I LOVE tomato paste on pizza.

When you have all your topping on, stick the whole thing back on the grill (the side touching the grill won’t have cooked yet.)

Okay, so I skewed from my original plan a bit… But that’s what cooking’s all about!

The final product was incredible. So fresh and tasty!

An easy, budget friendly dinner for my mom, dad and I? Check and check.

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