Enjoying the Ride and WWOOFing

So, many of you already know this, but in a month I am picking up and leaving town. Yup, quit my job and all. Where am I going? To California to do some small scale organic farming for the WWOOF program. I am going with my friend Carrie to drive to a few different farms in hopes of learning a lot about farming, educating the public, helping out at farmers’ markets, and just meeting some great people. I can’t express my excitement in living off the land and off the grid for a while, (although I will do my best to blog while I’m out there to keep you all up to date!)

What are my real plans, for the future and stuff? Well, honestly, don’t have any. I am going out there with an open mind and trusting that this is what I love doing and it’s where my passion lies. You don’t get where you want to be by hoping and thinking about it (and daydreaming :))- you take action and go for it with everything you got. You (hopefully) meet who you need to meet and become who you want to become. Remember, Life is for CREATING yourself, not for FINDING yourself. I already know my heart is there, and now it’s time for me to follow my heart. So although I’m nervous and anxious, and excited and hopeful, I’m taking a huge risk and living life day by day at this point. And I plan on enjoying the ride!

I guess the reason I wanted to get this out there is 1) to fill you in and 2) because I am looking for any sort of referrals or suggestions from anyone reading. Do you know anyone who has done this program? Where? On which farm? I’d love any tips you may have for me! Email me please!

Sorry to be brief- more on this in the future!

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3 Responses to Enjoying the Ride and WWOOFing

  1. I’m so jealous that you are going to be WWOOFing! I’ve been reading about it and it sounds amazing. I mean, what an awesome experience to meet people, learn about farming and see the sights. Keep us posted so I can live vicariously through you:)

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