Airplanes and John Mayer

It seems like I start every weekend post off like this, but I’ll say it again. Summer in Chicago is absolutely incredible. Weekend after weekend it’s something else. This weekend it was the Air and Water show over Lake Michigan.

I’ve never been until this year. I honestly had no idea what to expect. Airplanes? Cool. Boats? Cool. Didn’t think much of it.

But, wow was I in for the best surprise! Who knew airplanes could do those things? Go straight up in the air, then basically free fall down until just about at the water, then take off again. And 4 at a time going off in different directions. And HUGE bomber jets (That’s what people were calling them) flying just feet above our heads!

We were lucky enough to have a friend with a boat- so we got to anchor the boat in the Lake by the hundreds of other boats. I mean, I’m sure it’s great to watch from shore, but watching from a boat was unreal! We drank beers —or for me, water- recovering from a hangover 😦 , layed in the sun, dove into the lake, and just had such a nice day!

After the show, we were onto our next show. John Mayer was playing in concert in Tinley Park. Despite our best efforts to take a train there, we missed it, and ended up driving. We were weary of the traffic that inevitably comes at the end of a concert, but lucky for us driving was so enjoyable! No traffic and not far from the city at all!

And the show? Well, this was my third time seeing John (1st name basis at this point), and this was the best he’s been. I mean, this was the best concert I’ve been to in a really long time. And that says a lot. He played everything I hoped he’d play. He opened with Vultures (unbelievable), covered Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Ain’t No Sunshine, AND Voodoo Child. He did his fair share of just jamming out, but it always led to one of his hits.

To top it all off he encored in the center of the audience with acoustic versions of a bunch of his old songs, including My Stupid Mouth, Your Body is a Wonderland (where he changed the words to say “Your CITY is a Wonderland—-SO TRUE!), and more. THEN after this encore, he finished it up with Edge of Desire which just set the show over the edge (get it?). I was almost in tears (I say almost, because my sister and Carly were literally crying).

See him there in the middle?

Above all, my favorite parts of the concert were that before he’d start playing some songs there’d be some almost-undetectable sounds going on but if you know his music well enough, you’d be able to predict what the next song would be (Heartbreak Warfare). He also would start songs by singing in tune to the actual words, but instead talk to us, the audience, thanking us for being there and everything.

Best moment? In Clarity “Before we recognize this moment, This moment will be gone.” He just sings with such conviction. And what a great quote.

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