Lolla Palooza and Getting Back on Track

^^Where I spent my weekend^^
If I didn’t think the city of Chicago was beautiful already, I have a new found appreciation of it after this weekend.
Watching concerts with that magnificent skyline in the background is just the best thing ever.
I saw so many great bands including Slightly Stoopid, MGMT, Lady Gaga, Green Day, Jimmy Cliff, The Black Keys, Cypress Hill, Chromeo, Yeasayer, Matt and Kim, Raphael Saadiq, Edward Sharpe, and Arcade Fire. From what I recall…honestly after a few beers and a ton of music some of it just starts blending together…Especially bands I didn’t know until this weekend.

^^ Koozies were key! So glad I had mine!^^

^^Had to take a picture of this Venue name 🙂 ^^

^^Buckingham Fountain^^
We really lucked out with the weather, although it was SO hot out, when everyone is equally sweaty it kinda stops mattering.
I feel like we were constantly on the move- between walking from venue to venue, dancing, and even sneaking a softball game in at one point, I’d say I was sufficiently active all weekend, enough to make me not worry about having a run at any point.
But I do feel like we indulged in some eating, and definitely in drinking. I was definitely excited to get home this morning and get back on schedule with healthy eating. My body was craving some vitamins!
Still being lazy and tired though, I was lucky to find out that while my mom and dad were in Lincoln Park the other day, the brought me home a little treat! No making lunch today- SCORE! They had gone to this place called The Meatloaf Bakery. Click on that. Check it out–
So what’d they bring me???
…A Lentil Cupcake!
…Wait what?? Yeah I thought it was a bit weird myself…
A gluten-free vegetarian creation even meat lovers will enjoy—tender lentils and uber-healthy brown rice flavored with veggies and cheese. Topped with colorful bell peppers and served with roasted red bell pepper coulis.
Loafie: 2.00 Cupcake: 7.95 Loaf: 34.95
This was SOOOOO good! I need to recreate this in my kitchen!!!
I ate it with…surprise surprise…some cucumbers from my Papa, a nectarine, some hummus, and (too many) root vegetable chips from Trader Joe’s.
^^Couldn’t stop going back for more chips!!!^^
My papa tells me the same thing every day, that he has cucumbers “coming out of his ears. Jame, it’s like they grow overnight! Take some home!” Ok, ok papa! 
I feel like I’m gonna turn into a cucumber…
Anyway when I got home from work, my sister and I wanted to make a dinner. This is becoming quite the regular thing, the 2 of us cooking together 🙂
She was in charge of the sweet potatoes…

^^Baked at 350 convection, about 25 minutes^^
And the chickpeas…
^^Dusted with Cumin and Just crispy enough!^^
I was in charge of the veggies…
^^Garlic, red pepper, onion^^
^^Add spinach and a can of chopped tomatoes^^
Basically just threw some vegetables in a pan and sauteed with Curry until the liquid evaporated…
Watch the spinach wilt…

^^Spinach really disappears, a little too much sometimes^^
Also added some basil at that point, and a dollop of 2% Plain Greek Yogurt for creaminess.
I also made some WW cous cous and added some coconut oil.
The product? 
^^Taa daa!!!^^
I love Indian tasting dishes. Especially with a side of hummus. Too bad we ran out of curry a bit early- could have used more of that. 
So besides the 15 too many chips and the overload on dark chocolate today, I’d say my eating has gotten back on track from the weekend of no-sleep, too much food, and too much beer. And it feels good!
Now I’d say a sweaty walk in this 95 degree weather is in the cards for me before bed. It sometimes just feels good to get super sweaty before a shower, anyone with me on that one!?
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