Vegan Chocolate Banana Cookies

What a beautiful day it was today!
I started out the morning with a bowl of oatmeal…

^^Topped with wheat germ, PB, and fruit^^
And a 4 mile run- not too hot, and not too humid either (for a change!)
Got to work—such a slow week it’s been!
Lunch was the last of the lentils from my fridge…

^^And Flat Out chips with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge^^
For Flat Out chips, I just toast a wrap and then tear it up. It gets so crispy, and the whole thing is a mere 90 calories and a ridiculous 9 grams of fiber! And I think these wraps are better tasting than any other similar wrap out there…
Anyway, my papa had a new yogurt flavor for me to try today! Yipee!!!
^^Pomegranate, yessss^^
When I got home from work I had my mind set on making some cookies. Some very healthy, energizing cookies. I used Ashley’s recipe for Vegan Chocolate Banana Cookies.
I had to stop at Whole Foods for some ingredients including Spelt Flour and Brown Rice Syrup. 
Brown Rice Syrup is an amazing thing. The only ingredients are brown rice and water. And look at the back of the jar:
It’s really sweet, like honey, and pours like honey, or agave. It’s delicious!
Here’s how the baking went down:
Dry ingredients:
+ Wet ingredients:
=delicious raw cookie dough (since it’s raw you can eat it uncooked!!!- Definitely my favorite part about vegan cooking 🙂 )

^^Raw “dough” balls^^
^^All my ducks  cookies in a row^^
^^Piled high!^^

^^Chewy, hearty, chocolatey–mmmm^^
After these finished baking I needed to make dinner before I devoured every single cookie I made!
I spotted a block of Tofu in the fridge and just went with it…
^^That’s balsamic on there^^

^^Tofu salad!!^^
This salad had a greens mix topped with balsamic tofu, minimally sauteed red peppers, basil, caramelized  onions, hummus, crackers, avocado, feta.
I added black beans after I took the picture.
I usually don’t put dressing on my salads. If anything a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper. I find if you pair the right ingredients, you really don’t need it. Plus the hummus keeps it from being too dry.
Since it was such a nice night I just had to end my day with a bike ride. I biked for about 40 minutes. I think I ate about 3 bugs along the way. Protein, right?

^^So thankful for bike trails nearby!^^
Time to pack for Lolla Palooza this weekend!!! Can’t wait!
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