Sweet and Savory

 Double posting— I have a goal in mind to post more often but shorter posts…we’ll see how that goes…
Today after the run I went to Toast in Bucktown. I needed something filling, savory, and kinda greasy. This omelet sounded perfect:

vegetarian red and yellow peppers, broccoli, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, gruyere cheese.

Hit the spot! Toast was very gourmet (if you couldn’t tell by the shiitake and oyster mushrooms + gruyere). I would definitely go back there and try so many other things!
I THINK this is what my mom got:
pancake orgy one of each: blueberry, banana pecan and lemon poppy seed, topped w/ our house berry granola, vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and drizzled w/ honey

^^But that picture is from the website- not my own- if you couldn’t tell ;)^^
Anyway- go try it! They have a Lincoln Park AND a Bucktown location.
When I got home I was so tired I passed out on the couch while trying to catch up on True Blood.
My dad made some salmon and homemade refried black beans:
^^Which I paired with fresh cucs and some cherry tomatoes- for good measure^^
Taking pictures of my meals has really made me pay attention to incorporating colors into each dish- which usually means lots of variety in fruits and vegetables. I can’t just eat a blandly colored meal anymore! It’s all about the rainbow to me…
After dinner I was hungry like an hour later and was craving something SWEET! So I warmed up some pancakes and topped them with ricotta cheese, nectarines, blueberries, slivered almonds, and chocolate chips. 
^^Indulgent, no?^^
And kinda looks like those pancakes from Toast…Kinda…
On Cravings:
I always wonder what makes us crave certain things- like sweet vs. savory. Why was it that after my race, although my mom’s Pancake Orgy sounded AMAZING (especially with the lemon poppyseed pancake- YUM!), I couldn’t even imagine eating that?? I needed salt and grease. What is it that makes us like vs. dislike foods, or want specific foods at different period of times. Is it habit (we know that after dinner we get desert- and desert is sweet)? Or food associations with emotion (maybe when you’re sad you want something rich, and happy you want something light?). I certainly know that when I’m hungover I want greasy food- and when I’m sick I want bland food– All I know is that when I have my mind set on a certain item, I won’t settle for anything else! I think it’s important we listen to our bodies and give to them what they want and need at these different times. Eat consciously- be mindful of what you put inside your body. It’s how we will feel our best and work at our optimal level- and also stay satisfied throughout every day.
Hope that made some sense…
Ok off to bed—
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