Half Marathon…and Lots of Take Out Food!

Well- I’m done! I did it! Thank Goddddd. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be through with such a set work out/training schedule, and that running isn’t a factor in my life schedule anymore. But I must say— it was totally worth it! Such a great feeling to finish running 13.1 miles!!! And it’s such a fun race- the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Chicago. There were bands along the route, and tons of people cheering you on—what a rush!

^^ALL DONE!!!^^

^^Thanks for coming to watch guys!!!^^

^^Mom and Dad^^
I have never ever been as sweaty as I was, that’s why these pictures are awkward—nobody wanted to touch me!
My mom, dad, Carly, and Jeff actually somehow missed me crossing the finish line! I feel so bad- cause running isn’t much fun to watch— and so they actually didn’t see me racing at all!!! Oh well.
So my final time was 2:25:41. Around what I expected, considering I walked every water stop to drink plenty of water and Gatorade (ish stuff- I dunno what it was exactly)— plus I had to wait in line mid race to use the bathroom!!! That was kind of a buzz- kill, but I think it helped in the end to get some stretching in around mile 6.
Hey, I just wanted to finish- and now if I ever do another half, I’ll have a time to beat in mind! And I think that time is totally beatable 🙂 (considering it’s quite slow haha)
So backing up- Friday’s lunch…
What do you do when everyone in your office is getting Chipolte but you don’t really care much for it? You get a bunch of sides and make a yummy salad!!!
^^Some Chipolte and some ingredients from home^^
Actually that is a fresh picked cucumber from my Nana and Papa’s gardens— my Papa says they grow so fast so he has to pick a bunch every day!!! Lucky me to be able to get the fresh produce 🙂

^^Don’t be scared to mix fruit into your veggies!^^
I decided to stay downtown and crash at Pam’s place (thanks Pam) all weekend. I wanted celebrate Alissa’s birthday Friday night, be at the Expo for the race which was at McCormick Place Saturday, then obviously race Sunday— So that would have been a ton of back and forth driving!
I had planned and basically promised Pam I’d cook a good meal for her, but unexpectedly Pam and I were both terribly hungover all day Saturday due to some of this…
^^Poorly lit picture- Sorry.^^
^^Happy Birthday (soon) Alissa!^^
^^Sprinkles cupcakes^^

^^What a lovely cupcake model!!^^
The expo was on Saturday- I had to go there to pick up my number and t-shirt and lots of SWAG.

^Weird demonstration of what are in Brooks gym shoes—or something^^

^^Free Cliff samples—I’ll stick to Larabars^^

^^MMM “Ridiculously Thick Yogurt^^
Saturday I was very conscious about what I ate— the last thing I wanted was a stomach ache before my race!
I researched some places in Bucktown and Earwax Cafe was screaming my name! The menu was right up my alley!
^^Iced Americano^^

^^Black bean burger with avocado and cheddar^^
To my surprise and delight, Wicker Park Fest happened to be going on right outside of Earwax— FUN!
I had so much time to spare and nothing to do, so I spent some time looking at the booths and people watching. I wished I had a friend there so we could be dancing. Kinda felt weird doing that on my own…

For dinner I was recommended the place Skewerz — what a cool concept! You get to pick some skewerz and a side, and a spice.
^^Veggie, mahi mahi, ahi tuna, red curry tofu skewerz, brown rice, coconut sambal^^
I have to say, even with the coconut sambal the food was lacking flavor. And the tofu wasn’t crispy like it should have been. I needed to put a lot of soy sauce on this. Unfortunate, but definitely filling and satisfying enough to hold me over ’til the morning. Julie had given me the tip to wake up hungry before the half marathon—and she gives the best advice! So I tried to do that…
I woke up at 4:30 AM and made some of my favorite oatmeal.
^^Along side is my race stuff which I got all ready while I ate.^^
…And the rest is history.
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