Fourth of July!

Hope you all had an excellent fourth of July weekend- filled with friends, family, fireworks, fun…and FOOD of course 🙂
Also happy birthday to my Auntie Ghee- whose birthday is on the fourth! (Wouldn’t that be so cool if your birthday was a holiday—no no, not just a holiday, but a holiday that is named on its date? Like what if everyone for my birthday was like, “happy twenty fourth of February!!!”. That’d be awesome, I’d say.)
My family and I took a trip up north to Lake Geneva to celebrate and also to attend the Dave Matthews concert at Alpine Valley! So fun! This was my third time seeing him there- and it just never gets old- except this time I felt old- but that’s a different story (I mean there are way too many high school kids there…)
So my holiday weekend began Friday with a bowl of festive oats…

Then…I did something very very exciting…ran 5 miles!!!!!! NO pain!!!!!!!
YEAH YEAH!!!@@!@!@(&#*!
Ok moving on, I also dug into this bar of dark chocolate…
^^For the chocoholic in all of us ladies^^
Over the weekend there was a lot of food. A lot of really really delicious hearty food (and some not so much). All i really pictured was the festive desserts we spent so much time on…
BUT food included:
  • Pasta with gravy, and riggot.
  • Salad
  • Mexican food (homemade from my dad)- black bean and corn salad, homemade pico de gallo
  • Tempeh burger (at Dave)
  • Watermelon- Like a pound of it
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Pizza- and lots of it!
  • Strawberries
  • Biscotti and coffee for breakfast. YUM!
Look what Lisi made for her mother’s birthday!

^^Chai tea cupcakes- appropriately decorated^^
Pardon the bad lighting pictures. I took a blogger vacation.
On Saturday morning when I woke up, my aunt and I had some coffee and dipped our biscotti. Their condo looks out to the harbor, so it’s relaxing to just sit and watch the boats go out for the day. Especially when they’re all decked out for the holiday!
We did some morning pilates, and then went on a walk along the lake. It’s one of my favorite walks ever- just so nice to see those beautiful lake houses and people smiling and enjoying the weather (speaking of which- we were blessed with such great weather this weekend, no!?)
When we got back we had worked up quite a sweat- and quite the appetite!
^^She introduced (re-introduced?) me to cottage cheese with tomatoes, salt, and pepper^^

^^And she’d never had a hole-in-the-bread!^^

Have you ever had this? I bet you have and that you have your own name for it- I’ve heard Texas Toast, One-eyed-Jack, and hole-in-the-bread. But like the saying goes “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.” aka- no matter what you call it- it’s DELICIOUS! 
I had this again the next day- but had a dollop of hummus on my plate and a tomato basil salad- and melted gouda cheese over the hole (after the bread was flipped)- omg seriously- put hummus and basil on ANYthing and increase the deliciousness level by X100!!!
Lisi also made these-

^^Dyed the marshmallows blue^^
A few pics of the water and the sunset…

Saturday was DAVE day! 
It was the most beautiful sunny day…
^^The DAVE crew^^
Did I mention Dave was staying at the same condo complex as us? Yep! Some years we’ve seen members of his band- and we saw his tour bus- but no Dave this year 😦 Oh well…

^^Look at our bus!!^^

^^Complete with tables for drinking and games!!^^
The perfect ride to Dave…and as usual they were great. 
Sunday, on the fourth, the rest of my family arrived at the condo and we spent the day playing—everything and anything! I played bags, soccer, volleyball, bocce ball— fed the ducks, swam– My kind of day!
I also spent some time swinging from a weeping willow tree–you know, just to show my little cousins how it was done 😉
It was my Sammy and Gino’s first firework show ever. Sammy was so excited I couldn’t take it- seriously almost cried. “How many more minutes ’til the fireworks?!?!” It was so cute. 
He was not disappointed.

^^All of us on the porch watching together^^
I wish digital cameras took better pictures of fireworks- the show on Lake Geneva is a great one. And their balcony gives us front row seats- We’ve been watching it here for years (minus last summer when I was in Aspen)…The grand finale always gives me the chills!

That night we crammed into their condo- it was so fun- but as I expected, not the best night sleep. Actually, I hardly slept all weekend! But it’s a small price to pay for getting to spend so much time with family, laughing and playing.
I haven’t been this tired in a very long time. I can’t wait to go to bed!!!
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