Not My Cooking!

I thought I’d dedicate a post to some great eats from lately- that aren’t mine!
Take this, for instance…
^^Homemade macaroni and cheese^^
Thanks to my Auntie Ghee!
When I heard at work that she had made homemade mac and cheese, I had to invite myself over for dinner.
There was a note that we could make a salad…So we did…
^^Needed the veggies for sure!^^
But the star of the show remained…
^^Cheesy creamy crunchy^^

^^Close up!^^
It’s like Lisi said…every time she’d take a bite of salad, then the mac and cheese, she’s forget how good that mac and cheese was! It was seriously heavenly- italian bread crumbs and a cheesy, bubbly sauce filling in the shells…mmm I wish I had more to eat riiight now!
Next up on foods I didn’t make…
^^One of my all time favorite meals^^
“Pasta vajuul” as we call it…

^^Side by side with riggot^^
A basic recipe to make these beans follows:
Pasta Vajuul/ Italian Beans
1 bag dried white beans
1 can tomato sauce
Enough water to cover beans
Italian herbs
Olive oil
Salt, Pepper
Ricotta cheese to serve
Soak the beans for 2 hours-overnight…whatever you have time for.
Put beans in big pot with tomato sauce and water. As my grandma would say, add a big spoonful of olive oil. Add about a Tbs of Italian herbs (oregano works well). Bring to boil. When boiling, go down to a simmer, with lid tilted off so moisture can escape a bit, but not too much. Let simmer for about an hour and a half.
Talk about a filling, healthy, comforting, inexpensive meal!
For me it’s as comforting as food gets…
Lisi and I read about this great idea…
^^Freezing our leftover coffee in ice cube trays at work!^^

^^Perfect for some iced coffee on these hot mornings!^^
And my dad’s homemade whole wheat pizza dough…
^^Tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella^^

^^Thin and crispy!^^

^^Cornmeal really helps this pizza for crunch and non-stick factor. YUM!^^
Last but definitely not least…
^^Lentil soup, tomato mozzarella salad, Italian tuna salad, and a greens salad^^
My nana made this for my sister, me, my cousins, and Kiran the other night. She and my Papa had us over for dinner and she made a feast! Served us some wine, and we had such a good time hearing stories of how they met and everything. 
I’m so interested in that lately–having my Papas telling me stories of how they met my Grandmas and stuff…They all grew up in Chicago so it’s crazy they went on dates in the same places we go out at now!
Well, I have more to post- but I’ll do more tomorrow.
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