A Weekend Recap

Shalom! (My sister is trying to teach me Hebrew right now…)

We’re so into this right now…
Health benefits listed here.

And my sister said it’s good in your hair to make it healthy and shiny!

Ok I don’t know how credible that is, but I’ve read a lot of good things about coconut oil! And if nothing else, it tastes delish! I’ve put it on pancakes, toast, and of course in OATMEAL!
^^Berries and Almond Butter too!^^
Before work Friday I got to making some Sun Tea…For years I’ve seen this pitcher/thing in my closet and finally decided to google “sun tea”. Wow, turns out it’s quite the cinch to make!
I made pomegranate green sun tea!
^^I used loose leaf tea and filled my own tea bags^^

^^Tea bags tied to each other as to not leak tea leaves!^^

^^Sunbathing all day in the sun…^^

^^Nice mellow flavor^^
Before serving I squeezed 1 orange and 1 lemon in it, and sweetened it with Agave…

^^So so refreshing!^^

^^Gotta love old school tupperware with lids!^^

^^And my new WF lunch bag!^^

^^Lunch packed, including my tea :)^^
Unfortunately that day at work hardly lasted, as I had a blinding head ache. I had to go home, it was hurting me to have my eyes open!
I went home and took my mom’s migraine medicine. Fell asleep to sunshine and woke up to a serious storm! Suddenly that headache made sense…Pressure in the air I bet…
I got it together to make a trip up to Milwaukee to see Aziz Ansari in Stand Up!
^^I loveeeee him!!!!^^
Aziz was seriously hilarious. I am so happy I went to see him! Dara, Matt and I were laughing for hours- even the opening act was amazing. I gotta find out who that was…Dara? Matt? A little help here…
I woke up Saturday and did some pilates and weights outside. It was beautiful out! I also got my life in order in terms of sending out some much needed emails, catching up with my friend Amy from Australia (13 hour time differences really make it impossible to stay in touch…), and cleaning my room!!! Felt great.
Then my mom sister and I went to my Aunt’s in Westchester for the annual Pool-A-Palooza.
^^Dina made the cutest ice cream cone cupcakes (funfetti!!!)^^
And For some odd reason I didn’t picture the food. Probably because I was too busy eating it. When I say there was enough food to feed an army, that is an understatement. There was so much pizza, sandwiches, salads, veal, Italian rice balls, seafood salad, chips, dips, brownies, red velvet cupcakes, cookies,……….. I think I ate my weight in food. Gross. But so yummy!
We had a treading water contest…Hands in the air…
^^I was so full I’m surprised I didn’t sink!^^
My mom, my cousin Mikey, and I tied. So we had a race to the end of the pool. Mikey won. He’s twice my height, so I think my mom and I were at a disadvantage :(.
^^We then proceeded to shot gun a few beers.^^
When I sufficiently went into a food coma, it was time to leave and go to bed.
Woke up, and time for…more food! Father’s day…
But I did a pilates class first with my momma. VERY, VERY necessary. Being able to run would have helped Sunday morning, that’s for sure.
Luckily the food Sunday was much lighter.
^^Typical grilling fare. I had a Chipotle Black Bean burger :)^^
^^And some salad^^
And our favorite lamb shaped frosted pound cake (thanks Nana!)…
^^Me looking adoringly at the cute lil’ lamb^^
Then we had fun with fruit…Maybe a little too much fun.

Followed by a grape tossing and catching in mouth contest… Which I totally dominated ๐Ÿ™‚
Some more pictures…
And some bocce ball!!!

^^Look at that follow through!^^
I lost every. single. game. But it was fun none the less.
Last night we had another blood party aka we watched True Blood. 
And ended the night with a bon fire…
^^Perfect night- no wind, and perfect temperature. Fires are great to keep the skeeters away!^^
This morning I woke up and ran 1.5 miles and walked after that. Didn’t want to over do it. I’m hoping I can get back into running this week. I biked after work, just a leisurely ride with Ari. It’s so great to not be totally injured for once! I miss being able to do…anything! Summers are for playing, so when I’m hurt and sitting inside, I’m seriously miserable!!!!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! The weather was amazing- couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Next weekend though, it’s all about the friends…
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