All I wanna do is…SNACK!

Today was all about the snacks. After a night out dancing (Seriously cannot stop dancing…) and only 4 hours of sleep, food is what’s gonna keep me goin’…
First, and most importantly, breakfast!
^^1/4 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 Tbs raw honey, vanilla…topped with banana and peanut butter!^^
And a strong, STRONG cup of coffee. Bought 2 bags of dark roast Dunkin Donuts coffee for $13.99! I love sales!
Shortly after watching a few episodes of Weeds…
My favorite hangover cure!
^^Orange, carrot, ginger juice on ice^^
I helped my dad prepare for his first catering gig all day, chopping onions and crying, peeling carrots, chopping more onions, trimming green beans… 
Had some melba toasts with hummus and tahina. 
Took a break for icing my foot (all the dancing last night really wasn’t good on my poor foot!)
And had some lunch…
^^Veggie egg roll (Trader Joes), tofu, edimame, and quinoa. And some hoisin sauce.^^
Then watched the Sixth Sense…
And of course made some popcorn!
^^Popcorn with chocolate chips^^
If you put the chocolate chips on while the popcorn is still warm, it melts on there. YUM! I really recommend this. Also, the popcorn I made was not from a bag. It was just 1/3 cup of kernels and some olive oil. Salt and chocolate to finish it off…simple, easy, and deeeeelish!
Then I ate a grapefruit…
I did some pilates to stay off my foot but still get some sweating action going on…just showered and now gonna eat dinner (or maybe more snacks) then off to the city again…Hope everyone’s weekends are going well! 
Remember, life is what you make of it…You can turn any situation around if you just look at it from another viewpoint. Tonight go put on your dancing shoes and do what they always say: dance like noone’s watching. It’s so fun, and in the end, that’s what counts, right? Having fun and being happy. So do what makes you happy!!!!!!!!
Now back to snacking…And strongly considering a coffee milk shake for energy before tonight…
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