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Been a while…Hi! How are you???
I have not taken pictures of everything I’ve been eating. 1/2 of it was on purpose, 1/2 not… In other words, some things are ugly leftovers and not worth picturing, some I just plain forgot, and most of all I have been eating non-stop all week and there’s just too much to picture. Too many brownies, too much pizza, and not enough running. Ho hum.
Let’s start at Wednesday…
^^Oatmeal, same as yesterday, topped with blueberries, strawberries, and hemp granola.^^
Along side a good eating section of the Tribune, of course. Unfortunetly, not too many noteworthy articles.
Shortly after being at work, a creation that will soon become a regular…
^^Cottage cheese, grapes, and cashews^^
This was so much better than it sounds! The burst of juiciness from the grapes, the raw cashew crunch, and the salty yet creamy cottage cheese…Deelish. And I’m really liking the Trader Joe’s 4% kind. I’ve been opting for non fat-free dairy products as much as possible. See, I used to think it was better for me to have fat free yogurt, BUT, after I’d eat that I’d be hungry in literally 10 minutes. SO why not have some fat to hold you over so you don’t eat 1/2 hour later? Your body needs the fat. So give in…and it tastes so much better too!
For lunch I had quinoa salad. I’m so into grain salads these days! Very summery when eaten cold, and they give you such cullinary freedom- you can make them so healthy and filling too. Add any spices and any grain, any fruits or vegetables, or any dressings. A tip: Just choose a cuisine. So for this last one I was thinking Caribbean/Mexican. Hence the black beans, mango, salsa, cilantro, etc. But you can also do, say, Indian and make it like this. Do you have any good ideas for a grain salad? I’d love to hear it!
After work I went on a bike ride with my mom for an hour and a half. I was cruising behind a biker and using him to pace me. Good music really helped. I wish my little gadget on my bike was working, I bet I was going like 20mph. So fast! Also, I mastered riding hand-free! This is a long time goal, and a HUGE accomplishment…Probably helps that I can ride a unicycle…or used to be able to…I’d like to try that again soon. (I went to circus camp by the way. Yup.)
After the bike ride, I had some of the same dinner as last night. We’re out of food in my house. My dad is catering a party this weekend so I’m assuming we’re not buying food because we’re clearing fridge space? I hope that’s why. ‘Casue I need me some fresh veggies asap (MOM!)
After a shower and throwing on a dress, I went with my sister to our friend Erin’s to watch the Blackhawks WIN THE STANLEY CUP! Okay, I’ll try to be more excited. Truth: I can’t name a single player on the team.
We chilled like this:
^^Erin’s baby Mastiff, Polly…Love her!!!!!!^^
I ate like 3 brownies and some chocolate…couldn’t stop. It started to become an issue when instead of watching the Stanley Cup we decided to make cookies and decorate them like the Black Hawks. More sweets. Yeah. This turned into quite the adventure. We went to the Highwood Walgreens in attempt to find sugar cookie dough. They had chocolate chip break and bake, and chocolate frosting. Didn’t really do it for us. Onto the next store…A Mexican grocery store.
Well, to say we made a scene in there is an understatement…
^^We found mini-bananas^^
^^And giant marshmallos^^
When Erin finally pricked her finger on a cactus and screamed, my sister decided it was time we get out of there as fast as possible. We bought nothing.
So we went to the liquor store and bought a jug of wine.
Next morning, I woke up and made my banana “ice cream” and put it on my oatmeal!
^^Drizzled with melted peanut butter^^
Decadent, I know.
Went to work…
^^Honey greek yogurt with cashews and Kashi 7 grain honey puffs, along side an apple^^
Lunch: Quinoa salad.
^^Dunkin multi grain bagel with veggie cream cheese^^
And a trip to Jamie’s house to see her pig.
^^Blurry Baby!^^
I then went to babysit, and ate leftovers from the dinner I had cooked the other night. And lots of pizza.
This morning I had pancakes
^^Smothered in almond butter (finished that off…time to make more!)^^
Then went to a networking event where we learned a bit about sales skills. I’d say it was pretty useful- I haven’t been to a networking event in a while…definitely a good one to start up on. Number one takeaway? Believe in the product you’re selling! If you don’t, why would the other person buy it from you? It’s impossible to be convincing if you’re not 100% sold on it yourself.
So onto work…lunch had to be bought since we’re lacking food in mi casa…
Lisi and I strolled over to Whole Foods! Yum!
^^Random everything- salad^^
The golden beets were absoluetly amazing. As was the kale and the tofu and the artichokes and the tomatoes and the Israeli salad…mmmm!!!!!!!
And of course…
^^My obsession as of late^^
Aaaand it’s Friday! Can’t wait to go out tonight…Praying it doesn’t storm…
Weekends come up so fast in blog word…I feel like I just said it but…
HAPPY WEEKEND! Have a good one!
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