On Being Busy

Hey there– So I was reading this article today about the “end of busy”. I know I am constantly saying how busy I am, so the article really interested me. I saw this quote…

“…But it’s a fool’s game. Busy is simply noise, action without meaning, lots of little unimportant things rather than a few important ones.”

Is that true? I really don’t agree with that. I feel like everything I do, while maybe not important to many others, is important to me. And not to mention, I wouldn’t be doing half of the things I do if I didn’t actually enjoy doing them… The article also mentioned how saying you’re busy is a way of saying you’re important. Again, I really don’t agree with this. I think that everything you do, you should do for yourself , and not for anyone else. Well, unless you like do do things for other people since making other people happy makes you happy…Hmm.. Ok now I’m dizzy!
Okay I guess what I took away from this article was that you shouldn’t spend your time doing things that don’t make you happy, and that you’re just doing to fill time. Do things that you really enjoy, that are important to you. If you feel stressed out from doing too much- just stop and focus on what’s really and truly making you happy. What are you excited about right before you fall asleep? And what makes you pop up in the morning? (For me, breakfast!)

Does anyone agree or disagree with that article? I’d like to hear what you have to say!

I really like this writer tho! I recommend browsing his blog…cool perspectives!
Moving on to my busy life of food…
^^Beautiful grapefruit slices^^
On Sunday morning the time had come…The Botanic Gardens in Highland Park was having a farmers market! (Which will now be every 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month). Yay! Summer= Farmers Market=Happy Jamela (transitive property)…
^^So many tourists and tents!^^
^^Fresh Salsas^^
^^Clay dishes, handmade….awesome stuff! Made from mud!^^
^^Cool fresh herbs^^
The farmer guy was telling my mom, dad, and I to just rub each plant a bit and smell our fingers. Wow. There was a lime flavor, a pineapple sage, and so many more!
^^More homemade salsas and some jams. I love samples!^^
^^Shitake mushrooms (bought) and asparagus^^
^^Don’t you love those little cartons??!!^^
^^What I bought^^
I was told to mix that spinach artichoke dip mix (which is just veggies) with hummus, cream cheese, or sour cream. I tried the hummus…more on that later this post!
^^Last but NOT least…NUT BUTTERS!^^
I kinda used that tent to do some research. I have some new ideas for nut butters, besides my maple almond butter. Maybe say, some with chocolate!? Yes please!!
After the farmers market I went to softball practice. I’ll say one thing about that: It really feels good to just hit a ball as hard as you can! Weeeee!
After that I went straight to babysit. I helped put the little girl’s hair in a bun for her ballet recital (so cute!!!) and then I took the older boy to his soccer game. It was on and off sun, then rain, then pouring rain, then more sun…and so I got to play some soccer in the rain- aka one of my favorite things to do! 🙂
I then cooked dinner for the family I babysit again. They wanted the lentils and shrimp like last time– I also made some cous cous salad, asparagus, and kale chips. No pictures were taken…Oops!
I finally got around to cleaning my room too last night, and filing some things that have been sitting on my desk for wayyy too long! Felt reallly good and sooo satisfying!
This morning I had a very relaxing morning. Made oatmeal and read a very nice article about the start of summer. It started off about how a long time ago, the rules from our parents were “get home before dark”, and that was it! Now there are so many creepy people and dangerous things out there, it’s hard to let your kids loose! So this article was re-defining the summer rules.
I really liked this one line…
I loved that. It’s like, don’t take things so literally. Break some rules and just have an excellent summer. Do what you gotta do…let loose…breathe…laugh….eat…live it up!
For lunch I actually had some leftovers from the dinner I cooked for the family I sit for last night…Apparently I made too many shrimp so…Oops!
^^Forgot to take a pic ’til the last lil’ shrimp!^^
After work I ran to Whole Foods. I had a list of things I’ve been reading about from other blogs that I just needed to try out. You’ll see these things soon…
But I bought this Larabar for before pilates tonight…
^^So yummy!^^’
Larabars are so great because they’re simply fruit. and. nuts. That’s it. No sugars or added ingredients I can’t pronounce. 
I also had a slice of this pizza my dad made…
^^Crust from scratch!^^
^^So thin and crispy- and it’s whole wheat!^^
I usually just do On-Demand Pilates videos, but today I went to a class with my favorite instructor I used to go to every week. It was really nice to stretch and take my time instead of rushing through a half hour of it on TV. I reallly needed the stretching!
After class, I tried out this…
Really didn’t know what to expect…I sauteed 2 little pieces. Wasn’t so hungry…
^^My little dinner plate^^
Also, I mixed plain hummus with that spinach artichoke dip mix from the farmers market. Dipped my tempeh and veggies in it. The verdict? LOVED it! I actually thought it tasted like chicken, maybe more texturally than in flavor- so I tried not to think about that ( I like veggie burgers and stuff, but not the kinds that try to taste like meat. I just like the ones that taste like, well, veggies…or beans of course…) Anyway, after I got the thoughts of chicken out of my head, I loved every bite. Yay! New foods to eat!
I ate an apple shortly after (actually still munching on that)…and nowww I’m off to bed…
Goodnight, and thank you, as usual, for reading 🙂
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