Ice Cream for Breakfast!

Good Morning 🙂
Look what I ate for breakfast Friday morning…
^^Banana ice cream with peanut butter sauce!^^
Or maybe it looks more like a peanut-buttery mess from a lazy blogger who doesn’t clean up her plates (guilty…)
BUT what it realllly is? It’s just a frozen banana that I put in the food processor for about a minute…and peanut butter I melted in the micro. So really? It’s just the classic peanut butter and banana. But totally jazzed up…Read on for more on this “ice cream”.
I got to work and had asked my coworker to (please) get me an iced coffee. For some odd reason he thought I liked cream and sugar in my DD iced coffee. Hmm…
I was hesitant to drink it cause like, it’s cream and sugar! That’s like…not so great for you…BUT I made a decision that I was just gonna enjoy it. End of story. This may sound nuts to some of you, but…yeah I mean coffee isn’t usually a place I like to splurge and make into a dessert. But one time can’t hurt…right?
^^love that mug of watermelon^^
Lunch was leftovers, too boring and ugly to picture…
Then I had some real ice cream…
^^How amazing is McDonalds Ice Cream, Seriously!!??^^
And for less than a dollar a cone, too good to be true!
After work I headed downtown to watch the Hawks game with some friends. On the way I of course packed a snack for the traffic…
^^cherries, grapes, and carrots^^
When I was getting off the highway I saw a homeless man asking for money/food…(you all know I feel such a strong need to give food to these people…)And I had 2 cherries left, so I gave them to him. He was really confused I think, and actually mad. Like, why did this girl just give me this? Really, girl? -That’s what I felt like he was saying. But, hey, it’s better than nothing. Eat them, man. 
(Pretty sure he threw them out as I drove off…)
Oh well!
We went up to Pam’s rooftop…
LOVE her view!
At my friend’s condo we ended up playing some catchphrase…Well, sans catchphrase. Wait, what??? We just wrote down a bunch of random, random words and put them in a cup, picked and played. SO fun, and SO much laughing! I love laughing!!! Too bad the Hawks lost though…
So yesterday morning…I made quite the breakfast treat…
^^Maple syrup and Peanut Butter^^
^^Melted and stirred^^
And some chocolate banana “ice cream”…
^^1 frozen banana and 1 Tbs coco powder^^
^^1 minute later…^^
^^Made the above recipe sans the eggs…^^
^^WW Waffles with Maple Peanut Butter Sauce and Peanut Butter Chocolate “Ice Cream”
^^Some extras for later this week…wrapped up in the freezer :)^^
I caught up on a few shows and then proceeded to run my longest distance yet, 6 miles!
Now, I ran this at 1:30 pm on a very hot, humid, muggy day. When I say I was sweating buckets, I’m not exaggerating. I actually had to stop twice for water…Otherwise I’m 99.9% sure I would have fainted or something. Wow…hot…But I got through it! Next week I’ll have to run my 6 earlier in the morning…
After I ran and chugged 3 huge glasses of water, I made a little snack plate…
^^Champagne mango , cottage cheese with some almonds, kale chips, and tahina sauce to dip^^
I went to my cousin’s graduation party…
The food there was amazingg!!!!
^^Eggplant parmesan, shell pasta with parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil, broccoli…, peppers, salad…all with hot giardinere of course!^^
There was also sausage and peppers and more stuff, but nothing for a veggie like me :). 
Dessert was…a little much. I ate everything in site, including chocolate cream pie, chocolate covered strawberries and party pretzels 😉, cannoli, watermelon… YUM!!!
^^Happy Jamela^^
..And kinda sweaty Jamela cause not only did I not exactly cool off from my run, but I was playing paddle ball and baseball with my cousins outside in the hot, muggy weather. It was like when I was little and played outside after we ate, and was just so sweaty by the time we were called in for dessert. But it’s like the girl I babysit says, “If you’re sweating it means you’re having fun!” Haha, love that comment!
Umm I just have to put this picture in cause, it’s just so damn cute!
^^Lisi and Gino..aww!!!^^
I drove downtown again after Lisi’s party to meet my friends out. It’s funny how driving downtown used to seem like such a chore, but I do it so often now it’s like it’s nothing! I even have to go back down today around 1 for softball practice (more on that later!)…
Ok, that’s all for now!! Have a great, great day! The weather is so great…go enjoy it 🙂
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One Response to Ice Cream for Breakfast!

  1. Jenny says:

    umm, how did I not know about your blog until now?! Ice cream for breakfast? Peanut butter sauce? Girl, you are fab! I definitely look forward to reading more 🙂

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