I’m Alive!

Sorry it’s been quite a while. I’ve really been bad at this whole blogging deal. I’ll try to get back into it. Sorry. 
So….SummerCamp was absolutely amazing. I had so much fun dancing, listening to music, hula hooping (I am DETERMINED to become a good hula hooper now), camping out, eating, drinking beer, laughing….aaand just being so happy!!! It was so nice out…like 80 or higher…and just sunny all the time! 
The night shows were just awesome with all the lights and fireworks…glowsticks and glowing hula hoops. Just…amazing. Really truly such a great time.
Biggest takeaway: Karma is real. I have proof! I will have to make the story (if you have talked to me you know the story) its own separate post. But just take my word for it for now. Be nice to people, help people out, just be a good person and you WILL be rewarded. 
To be quite honest, it was hard to snap back into reality after this long weekend.
And back into blogging.
So Monday I spent recovering, and Tuesday…work.
I woke up and ran 4 miles. Surprisingly not hard…and it definitely helped to play some SummerCamp music on the run. I was just picturing being back in Chillicothe, Il… basking in the sun, and just being in a daze loving the music…and this carried me through. Don’t you love when you have moments like that? Happy moments/places/times that just make you smile and forget everything bad?
Ok so I haven’t been amazing at taking pictures lately…been very lazy about doing it period, and even when I do I don’t even try to take a good one. Forgive me. I’ll be back on track soon…
Wednesday I woke up and did some pilates. Had this for breakfast…
^^Oatmeal/Oat bran hybrid, almond buter, banana^^
^^Pink Grapefruit (my favorite fruit these days)^^
^^Chopped salad, cous cous, grilled calamari and shrimp…all a la dad^^
OH YEAH I didn’t mention…MY SISTER is home from ISRAEL! Yay! So yeah my dad made a good dinner, which we enjoyed after Rachel and I took a bike ride which was so great! I’m so happy she’s home!! (Hi girl!)
My sister, if you can believe, is an even BIGGER fruit-a-holic than I am. She basically demanded fruit upon her homecoming.
My mom obviously obeyed…
^^Watermelon YUM yay SUMMER!^^
This morning I woke up and had to run 4 miles again.
First I had this…
^^Raisin toast, 1/2 with full fat yogurt as spread and pumpkin butter, sprinkled almonds…other half almond butter…I put these 2 halves together as a sandwich. It was a weird but delicious breakfast^^
My 4 miles was tough, cause of my bike ride last night. My legs were just plain tired. 
However, on my run I made a Genius playlist to “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down” by ALO…and Oh My God was this genius! I love Apple people! I have to give you a list of this playlist, ’cause you all have to make it. I do know it included…
  • Two Coins- Dispatch
  • Baby’s Got Sauce- G.Love
  • Bang Bang- Dispatch
  • Steal My Kisses- Ben Harper
  • Bullet and a Target- Citizen Cope
  • Dreamgirl- Dave
  • Barbeque- ALO
  • See the World- Gomez
  • Catch My Disease- Ben Lee
There were more…but wow. Loved it!
So at work I got there and had my 1/2 leftover omelet from yesterday…I was SO hungry that I needed 2 breakfasts today!
Lunch I had leftover chopped salad.
Another grapefruit, this time a white one. (Which got me researching the difference…I will post on that soon…)
Dinner- My boss/uncle took us out to Thai food after our meeting. I LOVE Thai food. I wish I took a picture of what I got but it was amazing. It was a red thai curry with tofu and vegetables, and white rice. This sauce was pure, spicy heaven. Picture should have been taken I’m so sorry!!! (More mad at myself than sorry.)
After dinner I met my sister at my cousin’s to do what we do best…
Make yummy pretty treats for special occasions!
Remember these people cookies!? (5th picture down) That’s our Christmas tradition…
Now we have these to add…for my cousin’s graduation party!

^^White Chocolate Strawberries^^
^^These too^^
Me: These pretzels are just so perfect for a party
My Aunt: The pretzels look like a party!
Therefore, I am dubbing these pretzels “PARTY PRETZELS” from here on out!
I ate so many of these its not even funny. Not even the strawberries. Just kept dipping pretzel pieces in chocolate. And nuts. And sprinkles. And repeated this tooooo many times.
I feel like I can breath easy now that I finally blogged. I feel like I’ve been getting harassed about it. Ahh! Are you all happy now!?!?!?!?
🙂 xoxo everyone!!!!!!!
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