Packing Up for the Weekend!

Ok, I’m actually getting really tired, but I gotta get one last post in before SUMMER CAMP tomorrow!
So this morning I woke up and was just in the mood for pancakes…again.
So I made these!
^^I give them A- consistency, B- Flavor^^
^^As you can see, they were very fluffy^^
BUT I think they needed…less baking soda? I can’t explain what was wrong with these…not horrible by any means but I have to change something next time.
Anyway, here’s my recipe:
Cinnamon Whole Wheat Pancakes:
1/4 cup Whole Wheat flour
1/4 cup Oat Bran
1 TBS wheat germ
1 egg
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1 tbs Baking Soda
1 tbs cinnamon
1/2 tbs vanilla
Heat skillet over medium heat. Spray.
Mix all ingredients, do not OVER mix.
Use 1/4 cup measurer (hey, it’s already dirty!) to spoon that much batter on the skillet.
^^This allows more even cooking.^^
When you see bubbles on top, FLIP!
Ok you probably knew how to make pancakes, but whatever…
I then did some pilates (I really like THIS video on Demand.)
So then I went to work, and we ordered Pita Inn today as an office.
What a treat!
^^I got the vegetarian combination plate^^
It was good.
After work it was all about getting ready for Summer Camp tomorrow.
I headed straight to the grocery store(s) to buy some snacks and stuff.
Then I had to test my tent then drop it off at my friend’s house.
Got back home and started prepping the food for the weekend.  So I wanted to pack things that were first of all easy to travel with, were healthy and refreshing (gonna be out in a field in hot sun for hours on end!), and that everyone (or most) would like.
Here’s what I decided on:
^^Chopped some veggies (pepper, cucumber, carrot) for dips^^
Dips include but not limited to: hummus (plain and greek olive), salsa (black bean and regular/mild), and…
^^This Edamame-Guacamole hybrid from this recipe^^
But I added Serrano pepper due to my dad’s request.
Spicy is always better in my book!
So then I wanted to try out a quinoa recipe. I think things like quinoa salad, cous cous salad, etc. make great traveling dishes. They can be hot, warm, or cold…and are so healthy and transport-able.
At Trader Joe’s I saw 2 kinds of Quinoa
Left to right: Regular and Red Quinoas.
Naturally I bought both.
^^See the differences? I’ll have to let you know if I notice a difference in taste…^^
I made a quinoa salad from this recipe…with my variations 😉 
^^Red Quinoa, pesto, asparagus, baby artichoke, cherry tomato, chickpeas^^
As I was cooking I munched on everything, testing it of course!
And these veggies my dad had made for dinner…
^^Eggplant and asparagus (well actually I roasted the asparagus^^
I also was busy making a Blueberry banana bread with my variations per usual.
Instead of sour cream I just did 1 cup full fat yogurt. And I did 1 cup WW flour and just 1/2 cup white flour.
^^Cross section…cause my mom just had to have a slice…ugh ;)^^
**Coating the blueberries in flour like the recipe says allows the blueberries to stay put and not sink to the bottom**

^^Came out pretty nicely!^^
Lastly I made some homemade cinnamon maple almond butter since I was all out!
^^I imagine this will go quickly this weekend :)^^
So I packed it all up to go…
^^Some apples, dates, grapes, and sliced mango added to the bunch.^^
(I also got a lot more stuff, stuff that required no prepping…)
After like ~3 hours…I was spent!
Needed a quick snack…
^^Ruby Red Grapefruit^^
And now off to bed!  Leaving bright and early tomorrow.. and I’m sneaking in a 5 mile run tomorrow just so I don’t get too behind on my training. Whew!
Have an awesome weekend 🙂 
I challenge you to do a new or different form of exercise this weekend.
A new fruit, vegetable, or grain.
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