Fruit Cravings

It must be this hot weather- but all I want lately is fruit, fruit, and more fruit.
Anyone else feeling like this???
Looking back on my camera, its no surprise how much fruit was pictured…
Monday night
^^Fruit salad: Mango, watermelon, strawberries, grapes^^
Breakfast Tuesday:
^^Oatmeal with my almond butter and bananas and strawberries.^^
Lunch? Surprise! Another fruit salad, with yogurt…
^^and raisin toast with the LAST (so so sad) of my Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter^^
REALLY gotta make more now…perhaps a batch before Summer Camp

I was working late, and I got a call from Alissa asking if I wanted to go to the Cubs Game!
Um, why yes I will! Thanks!
So I left work and went straight to the El.
Stopped at Starbucks first…
^^Quick dinner before the game on the El^^
This was actually really filling and so delicious. I mean come on, fruit, crackers, and cheese. REALLY can’t go on. Especially Brie, Sharp Cheddar, and Asiago. Yum. Well done, Starbucks, well done.
It was a gorgeous summery night and we had awesome seats.
^^The guy next to Alissa actually caught a foul ball! Could’a been us!^^
AnD tHe CuBbIeS wOn!!! (don’t ask…just wanted to…)
This morning I woke up to run 3.5 miles, and had this before I went:
^^Raisin toast with yogurt and pumpkin butter, and some slivered almonds…along side a mango slice and strawberries^^
I’d been wanting to try this toast with yogurt idea- and finally got around to it. I had gone to Trader Joes to pick up pumpkin butter, and the combo was so great- like pumpkin pie-ish? 
After my run I had my leftover Green Monster smoothie from 2 mornings ago. 
Got to work, and my aunt had given me a cookie that said, VOTE FOR LEE!…It was the cutest cookie, like basically a “smiley face cookie” but decorated differently.  I’m SO mad I didn’t think to picture it! I was too excited to eat it!!!
For lunch I had those beans my mom made with riggot again. Superb as usual. So so satisfying and comforting.  I’ll have to give you a recipe for these soon…
I was reading the Food Section today, and most of the articles were meat related. Ho hum.
But I did find this one interesting…short and to the point.
^^Click to enlarge^^
I mean I always knew pistachios were good for you, but they really have so many health benefits. And I like how they refer to them as “one of nature’s most perfect snacks on the go”. So true! Those and bananas…
Anyway, I ate a huge carrot after that and then this huge apple.
Followed by…
^^MORE FRUIT SALAD! This time, add cherries^^
Came home and made some Kale Chips!
Kale Chips:
Washed Kale, torn into pieces
Olive oil spray
(optional) Red wine vinegar
Preheat oven to 350
Spray baking sheet.
Lay down torn Kale
Add salt, pepper.
Bake 10 minutes or until charred/crisped to your liking
(optional) sprinkle red wine vinegar on top.
I’m so into Kale right now…
Then I had salad for dinner…
^^BBQ salmon (dad) and salad with Italian dressing (mom)…Thanks!^^
I then went on a bike ride just to get out on this beautiful night, and then went by Dara’s to prepare some stuff for Summer Camp!!!
Tomorrow will be me getting my food ready for the weekend (that’s my job for the trip), packing my bag, and testing out the tent… Got a list all written out…but I need to decide which baked good to make, and planning on making some almond butter too. REALLY getting excited for this. 🙂
Chocolate chip cookies came out at Dara’s and I just couldn’t resist. I also had part of a McDonalds chocolate shake. And SO much chocolate at work today- I swear it’s what gets me through my days. Chocolate. But in general I have so many sweet teeth lately…and they’re totally taking me over!
Ok ok, enough…
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