Grains and Satisfying Cravings

Today was a pretty typical day. Nothing much to report.
Woke up, had oatmeal. Only fresh fruit was really kiwi today.
^^Read yesterday’s Good Eating section of the Tribune^^
(Actually went into the recycling bin to get it out…HATE missing a week of this!)
I liked this article:
^^Going with the grain^^
Because as you know, I love my grains. 
Cous cous, brown rice, quinoa, barley, oats, corn…all of them. I get bored with one, get the next one, never gets boring.
I had to run 3.5 miles today to train. If anyone was wondering, I know how much I run because of I don’t think I could train without this site!
The run was hard. Much harder than usual. Probably ’cause of my late afternoon bike ride last night. I need to take longer breaks between workouts for sure. The Lost Podcast got me through though.
Showered then I made my leftover Green Monster smoothie from yesterday. And some coffee.
Today for lunch I met Carrie at Potbellys/Whole Foods (next door to each other). When I was in Whole Foods I went to the grains section ’cause I needed some WW cous cous, and my dad recommended buying it in bulk like they have it there. Not to my surprise, Whole Foods has a plethora of grains to buy in bulk. That’s one thing that’s probably less expensive to buy there as opposed to other places. And the variety is unbelievable. I didn’t have time to look around as much as I wanted, but I’m totally going back there soon.
I got my Spicy Tuna rolls made with wild rice, and met Carrie outside.
We got lucky it was so nice out- we just sat out and got some sun, and planned a bit for next weekend’s music festival. Carrie and I have complete opposite schedules, so it was good to catch up for once! 🙂
When I got home from work I painted my nails. It was about time.
^^My mom got a buy 2 get 1 free deal, and chose gold. Thought I’d try it out…^^
^^…But having my doubts…^^
Also, I have REALLY small hands, by the way.
For dinner I was craving…like CRAVING coconut curry. Don’t ask.
So I made that WW cous cous with coconut water instead of regular water.
I just boiled a cup of this:
^^See the coconut bits?!^^
And then I added a cup of WW cous cous to the pot and turned off the heat. Let that sit like 4 minutes. Fluff with fork. Easy as pie cous cous.
My mom had baked some sweet potatoes earlier (low and slow, wrapped individually in foil, at 350 “until soft”, as she says, which means about an hour.) **Do this on a baking sheet, just to prevent any potential mess…easy clean up**
I mashed up a sweet potato with some cinnamon.
And put some roasted veggies from previous nights on the plate.
Also, I took a can of chickpeas, drained it, added curry powder and cumin, and roasted these at 350 for about 20 minutes. I don’t usually use a recipe per se, but here’s one for you.
Throw all of this on a plate. Add hummus. Sprinkle basil on top.
^^Successfully satisfied my craving^^
I ate SO much chocolate today it’s not even funny. Time to stop…and watch TV as usual. And maybe do some pilates (I’m supposed to strength train today.)
Hope today was a good day for you!!! 
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