Antioxidants and Biking

For the record, that Dunkin Donuts coffee from yesterday morning did inhibit my sleep. Not too much- but enough. I woke up at 3 ish, completely awake…so I watched 2 eps of Parks and Rec and fell back to sleep. But, I’m telling you, that coffee is seriously drugged.
So I woke up this morning to run 2 miles. And cause of the lack of sleep, I wasn’t ready to get up. Also, my left knee wasn’t feeling too hot. So what did I do? I went back to bed. Ok no, for me that would be impossible. I got up, made breakfast:
^^Gluten Free Trader Joe’s Pancakes, homemade cinnamon almond butter, strawberries, and a kiwi.^^
Then I watched Glee from last night. 
(The lady who is playing Rachel’s mom looks exactly like her.)
Then I went to work.
For my snack I had this new fruit (new to me at least).
^^An Asian Pear^^
I’m not going to recommend this to you. No, it wasn’t terrible. Yes, I ate it. But it was kinda a mix between an apple and a pear (but not the amazing mix that sounds like), and I dunno there was a funky taste I wasn’t loving…
That held me over ’til lunch…
I brought a Flat Out Wrap and toasted it at work. Lightly. So it was still pliable. 
I also brought a tupperware of roasted veggies, basil, ricotta cheese, and parmesan cheese. I mixed this all up, and put it in the wrap. Then I poured Arbol Sauce on it for some spice.
Roll it all up, stick it back in the toaster oven…achieve crispness.
This was amazing. Really. Try it.
While I ate I read this article from the food section of the Sun Times…
^^Click to enlarge^^
I thought it was interesting about what these so-called antioxidants actually do in our bodies. 
I also love the tip about buying new produce and expanding your pallet. You know I’m a fan of that tip. 🙂
And if nothing else, remember to eat deeply colored fruits and veggies. Deep color=high nutritional value.
And most importantly, mix it up! Never let it get boring!
^^Grapefruit snack.^^
I was dying for this day to end. I wanted to go on a bike ride! Bike riding is much easier on the knees, plus it’s just plain fun.
Before I left…
^^A Green Monster^^
Same as before, there’s a frozen banana, some frozen mango, plain non-fat greek yogurt, kale, ice, and water. Great mix. Again, I was able to save another glass for tomorrow!
^^Yay biking!!^^
I biked for an hour and 20 minutes…And I went about 16 miles.
I listened to music from artists that will be at the Summer Camp Music Festival NEXT WEEKEND!
I am SO excited!!!
Came home, showered, made dinner…
^^Just a quick how-to easily dice an avocado^^
Score it while still in skin, then use a big spoon to get it out of there!
I make my guac with avocado (duh), cherry tomatoes, Serrano peppers (above), lime, onions, and garlic. And I like it chunky.
^^I also took this Black Bean Morning Star Veggie Burger…^^
Mashed it up with this..
^^roasted poblano pepper (my dad roasted it a few days ago)^^
And stuffed it in a yellow pepper. Stuck it in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes…
^^Added Arbol Sauce^^
Also roasted some asparagus with tarragon..just needed to cook it. 
^^I only ate some of this.^^
^^My plate- guac, asparagus, broccoli (my dad made it for his and my mom’s dinner), and the stuffed pepper!
Lots of pepper action tonight.
And now, lots of good TV 🙂 I wonder who’s gonna get off Idol! I say Casey. If it’s not, I’ll be surprised, and REALLY upset….especially if it’s Lee…but it won’t be. Not too worried.
Hope all of u had a fabulous day.
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2 Responses to Antioxidants and Biking

  1. Thanks for popping by my blog!I agree with you on the asian pear — not recommended. It's like the ugly baby of an apple and pear marriage.

  2. Dustin says:

    Homemade Cinnamon Almond Butter….YUMMMMMM-Dustin

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