Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
This is what I got my mom:
And also a picture frame with 3 pics in it- and some hand cream 🙂
Wrapped all separately, cause who doesn’t love to open a million presents!?
So I woke up, ate some pancakes topped with almond butter and strawberries (unpictured cause you’re probably bored of seeing that picture by now…and I was too lazy to get my camera…**cough**…the real reason it went unpictured)
You know how I went down to 0 in my 1/2 marathon training after Israel? Well, I’ve kinda been dying to increase mileage again. I was up to 5 miles before I left, then went way down when I was back. I was happy to run 3.5 this morning- a slow increase from 3 last week. Getting back up there…
^^Ater my run, I blended my leftover GREEN smoothie from Sunday for fuel before work.^^
That’s plain greek yogurt, a frozen banana (well, I guess it’s all frozen now), kale, and frozen mango, ice, and water.
^^My smoothie and coffee side by side in my Jeep’s cup-holders^^
By the way, I still haven’t cleaned my espresso machine, and I guess we had this free sample of Dunkin Donuts New Turbo Coffee in the coffee drawer, so I tried it…Ok I swear Dunkin Coffee has drugs in it…aka cocaine/crack. It makes more more awake than any coffee. Like I drank that this morning at 9 am and I HOPE I can sleep tonight.
Anyone agree? Disagree?

Moving on to another fun new fruit I picked up yesterday at Garden Fresh…
PS So I guess USA Pears have their very own website now? Strange…
^^Anyway, this was quite delectable.- to be proper in word choice. No, it was very sweet and SO juicy…Totally gonna keep buying these!^^
That’s roasted veggies from last night, with frozen edimame and artichokes (both Trader Joes), a hard boiled egg, Greek olive Hummus (MY FAVORITE THING EVER), feta, pine nuts, craisins, and heirloom tomatoes…from guess where!?
^^You guessed it…TRADER JOES!^^
I nuked this concoction a bit and it was just perfect.
After my 10 hour day at work (ugh) I came home for my mom’s bday dinner.
My aunt, Dara, and our friend Audrey joined us for our normal Tueday Idol night…
This time with more wine, my dad’s homemade sandwiches, my aunt’s bean soup, Audrey’s candy concoction, and my peanut butter sandwich cookies!
Roasted zucchini and eggplant, goat cheese, fresh herbs, crusty/chewy fresh bread…the works. MMM!
^^make a wish^^
^^And some Idol to top it off^^

Lee honestly made me melt into a little blob on the floor.
(anyone else picturing Alex Mac?)
I love Lee. Marry me Lee? Are you reading my Blog, Lee?? 
If you didn’t have me yet, hallelujah won me over for good.
Ok ok…I’ll stop…

Finally, LOST. LOVED the episode. So many answers! And such a great set up for next week Sunday!
2nd to Last episode ever…I am going to miss you, Lost. It truly is the end of an era.
I can’t wait for Sunday’s finale- but also dreading it. You know what I mean? I really don’t want it to end! 😦 So so sad!!!
Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog! It means a lot to me and I really am excited how many people tell me they’ve read it, are following me, tried my recipes, etc. Really makes me happy :). So, thank you. I really, really appreciate it.
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One Response to Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. teenagehealthfreak says:

    I know how you feel….I feel the same way when I drink starbuck's coffee!!!..I've never tried Dunken Donut's coffee though….I guess I'm just used to the half and half kind my mom makes (only half the caffeine or something.)

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