Short but Sweet

When you give a mouse a cookie…
^^A perk of working with my Papa…homemade cookies at work from my Nana!^^
No but you know who I did give a cookie to? I was driving downtown and some homeless guy came up to my window, so my friend and I gave him a cookie. He was very thankful. And told me I had nice hands. Haha.
So yes I went downtown last night to see a show called “Bye Bye Liver”. It was a sketch comedy show where you’re encouraged to drink along with them. It was SO funny- I LOVED it! There were ~ 5 actors and they were all hysterical. 
Before we left we snacked on edimame, and I ate a perfectly ripe and sweet mango 🙂 and red wine! 
Really not a good enough dinner, but we were rushed and dinner wasn’t a priority. Oh well.
…And I’ll repeat over and over again- I don’t know how to sleep in the mornings- SO I woke up and drove home at like 8 am. Cause I was craving me some oatmeal!
Used the last of my homemade maple almond butter 😦
So I made more…this time I added cinnamon right before I processed. And I made a bigger batch.
I am planning on relaxing for the next xx hours. I was supposed to work at the restaurant this morning, but I let someone else take my shift. So happy about that decision. On my third mug of coffee and I got lots of United States of Tara to catch up on. And probably some Nurse Jackie too. 
Have a great Saturday morning!
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