Oatmeal? Boring? Never!

I think oatmeal has a bad rap. It’s thought of as plain and boring. But I disagree completely. Each bowl I make is different and there are so many possible variations.
For example, wanna see the best bowl of oats I’ve ever made!?
^^There it is. Right there.^^
Ok, it looks the same as usual. But it wasn’t! Look at the ingredients…
See? Different. I did 1/4 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water…1 tbs wheat germ… stirred in 1tsp vanilla when it was just about done. Topped same as usual. Almond butter, honey and banana.
^^Trick for cutting a banana in smaller pieces more easily^^
^^Try these. Please.^^
For lunch I tried to recreate a dish from Israel. My mom’s idea actually…to take that Vegetarian Liver (Sabra)- cause it’s made with eggplant- and put hard boiled egg on a pita with it.
It was really good!
The original dish was a ciabatta roll with eggplant, tahina spread, hummus, and hard boiled egg. So, not exactly the same, but same idea. Much easier!
A lettuce-less salad accompanied that mini pita.
Need I say what’s in there? I think not.
After work I went to babysit. We ordered from Bravo. I got the salmon salad with asparagus.
Such a great salad!
You’d think I’d be full, but think again.
I ate 1/2 a champagne mango (unpictured)
And this Lara Bar. I’d never had one of these- it was so great! And the only ingredients were almonds, pecans, and dates. My kind of bar!
I went straight to bed only to wake up to guess what? Work again!!! At the restaurant this time…
I first ate this bowl of chocolate oats.
Yup. I used chocolate milk and water as the liquid.
And they were Scottish oats this time. A little thicker and heartier. More similar to the barley flakes the other day.
So yummy! I think it would have been even better topped with chocolate chips. Well, of course it would have… What isn’t?
See? Oatmeal can NEVER get boring. So many ways to try it 🙂
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One Response to Oatmeal? Boring? Never!

  1. Julie says:

    good call with the chocolate milk instead of dark choco chips… and yesssss or lara bars!!!!

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