Cook it once, use it… a LOT

A little behind right now…
In the words of Glee, “Here’s what you missed.”
Wednesday’s breakfast, like all, was very typical. 
Almond butter on pancakes with strawberries and bananas.
I ran 2 miles for training- short run day!
For lunch I made use of those roasted veggies again. Remember from my last post?? That’s the thing about roasting vegetables. You make a bunch of them at the beginning of the week- and I guarantee you find countless uses for them.
I added some of  the usual suspects to my roasted veggies. Roasted potatoes, chickpeas, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and ricotta to top it off.
When you mix the ricotta in, it gets real creamy and almost forms a sort of sauce. Deelish!
Started a new chocolate bar at work- SUPER DARK! yesss
And had a big mug o’ tea at work. Ruby Red Chai from Trader Joe’s- with some milk and honey. I’m so into honey right now.
For dinner I drove down to the city to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! I love holidays!!!
I was caught in traffic, and fully expected to be since I left the suburbs right after work. It was beautiful out though, and so I left my windows wide open, played some music, talked on the phone, and….
Snapped some pictures.
^^I love this one- tulips dancing in the wind :)^^
I frist sat upon the rooftop at the Witt Hotel. It’s nice up there- but not my scene.
We went to our friends’ condo where one of the boys was making tacos- with meat. So he made me a quesadilla! For some reason it was like the best quesadilla ever. I think it was because of the I-didn’t-make-it-factor. You know of it? When your mom made you a grilled cheese or pb & j sandwich when you were little- and then you started making them- same ingredients and all- but there was just something missing? Well, I experienced it last night again. Yum.
One of the hosts was out getting some party favors aka tequila! So I took the liberty to make him a variation of a taco using the ingredients out on the counter. I made a little taco pie type item.
I just stuffed a corn tortilla into a ramekin, filled it with the taco meat, added some pico de gallo, then lots of cheese, and stuck it under the broiler. I dunno what came over me, I just wanted to make it for him!
^^Little mini (key) limes for the margaritas! (and for my beer)^^
I woke up early Thursday to run 3 miles. Before I left, I made this:
HONEY- a welcomed addition to the almond buttered toast- along with cottage cheese and strawberries.
And guess what? Another lunch using ROASTED VEGETABLES! This was my best one yet!
I added corn, edimame (out of the bag, frozen- they thaw on their own when you pack ’em for lunch), cannelini (great northern) beans, cucumber, avocado, more tomatoes (so there were roasted, AND fresh in there), red onion- this was so amazingly flavorful, filling, and summery!
Close up!
I went down for dinner to the city again. My friend (HI!) was visiting from St. Louis so we met at Lincoln Station. I actually just got a beer-a Blue Moon- yum. After work I had come home to watch Lost- finally (OH MY GOD! What an episode!) and I snacked on so many pretzels and a hard boiled egg. I then fell asleep and woke up not feeling 100%. So I didn’t eat more at dinner. Instead drank a beer? Not the best of ideas probably. Oh well. 
Ok that is all. TGIF! Weekend soon! Hooray!!
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One Response to Cook it once, use it… a LOT

  1. Jamie says:

    i love the new look, i think ive checked this at least 3 times today and everytime its been different…haha thats kinda embarassing on my part! im just soo bored! miss you – can't wait for monday!!!

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