Nature’s Alarm Clock

Hi hi!
Another beautiful spring morning. Between the jet lag and the birds chirping it’s real tough for me to sleep past 6 am right now. It’s really annoying. I need to learn how to sleep!
Sometimes I love hearing the birds chirping to wake me up. But sometimes, I completely agree with this post: Hyperbole and a Half
Birds and the sun are nature’s alarm clock. One of the things I love about going camping is that you are so tired when it gets dark- so you go to bed on the earlier side. And then you can’t help but wake up when the sun starts pouring into the tent, and the birds start yelling “wake up wake up wake up it’s so nice out get out of your sleeping bag!!!” Yup, they say that. I think I work best with the sun. Go to bed when the sun sets and wake up when it rises. And in the winter, you need more sleep anyway, so that’s why there is more darkness. Right? Well, it makes sense to me…
Anyway, I woke up with the sun and laid around for a long while listening to new music. 
At 6:45 I allowed myself to go downstairs to eat some oatmeal. My stomach was growling by then. I swear the only reason I get out of bed most of the time is to eat.
I made chia oats, with almond milk…
Topped with almond butter and bananas, no surprise.
And a big glass of water.
I then proceded with my training: 3 miles this morning.
I made my lunch and took my time. I was running EARLY this morning!
I made a pasta salad with leftover WW pasta shells and edimame from last night, and added some corn (from the can), lots of cherry tomatoes, some orange bell pepper, chick peas, caramelized onions, pine nuts- and drizzled a bit of my dad’s vinaigrette on top.  I put this all into a tupperware and shook vigorously. 
The whole thing was quite colorful and spring-ish. Exactly what I wanted.
I topped the pasta salad with 3 small scoops of ricotta cheese- my love.
mmm mmm….
I brought the juiciest, messiest grapefruit for my mid-morning snack.
Good thing I was in my little nook area cause it was truly MESSY. So sweet and worth every drip I had to wipe  up ๐Ÿ™‚
I had to work ’til 7. Blah. On a nice day, it’s honestly torture. If I didn’t get out to run in the mornings, I’d be a wreck of a person, trapped indoors. Not for me.
I got home and roasted some veggies before sitting down to watch some TV.
^^eggplant, onion, yellow pepper, cheery tomato^^
I topped the veggies with feta and 2 eggs over hard. I actually tried a blog-inspired technique which was to poke the yolk when the egg was almost done and cover for a minute. The yolk hardens just enough…
But makes for a very unphotogenic dish…oh well. Doesn’t that egg look fake?
There were also mushrooms added to my roasted veggie mix- Those were already made by my dad just earlier.
That veggie mix def needed some greens. Shoulda added broccoli. Oh well.
Idol was pretty good I’d say. I love LEE!
I’m way too tired to watch Glee, Lost, or Parenthood right now. I mean, come on, it’s dark out now ๐Ÿ˜‰
Until the sun comes up…g’night!
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One Response to Nature’s Alarm Clock

  1. Aryn says:

    Those food photos look great! I love the close up of the grapefruit!

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