Home Sweet Home

But I want to go back!!!
Here are the rest of the pics from my AMAZING trip.
The beautiful water and my beautiful mother πŸ™‚
The beach/my running path- you can walk/run/bike forever! And if you get tired- just look around at where you are! You can go on and on just gazing out at the sea. I miss it already!
We took the above pictures on our way to Yafo. It’s the neighboring city to Tel Aviv. But it’s incredible how different it looks there. It’s an Arab city with a beautiful port…
And of course delicious food.
This place we went to had 14 salads served with the main dish and chummus. This was the plate I made. 
There is eggplant salad, tomato salad, Israeli salad, corn, pita chips, pickles, carrots, cabbage…
And you serve it on Lavash, which is the Arab pita bread.
My mom and I said this calamari and shrimp was the best ever. Not chewy at all. Just so tender- Squeeze some lemon and you’re set!
^^The view of Tel Aviv from the Yafo port^^
Yafo Square

A market in Yafo
After that we went to view Rachel’s campus. It’s so beautiful with palm trees, new modern buildings, and  so many quads to sit on and relax. 

After walking around there, we went to dinner on the Namal, aka the port in Tel Aviv. As opposed to the port in Yafo, the Tel Aviv port is still active.

^^Of course, a million delicious salads^^
^^This piece of fish came as an appetizer before our dinner came out- just as an extra!^^
^^And so did this eggplant covered in Tahina sauce^^
We had a language communication problem and accidentally ordered more food than we wanted. And I was frustrated and forgot to picture the main course which was Sea Bass. It was simply grilled with olive oil and salt and pepper. Lemon to squeeze. So fresh- probably caught upon ordering πŸ™‚ 
We walked back to our hotel along the beach at night. There is so much going on. We sat down to watch some volleyball for a while. These boys were playing 2 v 2 but were playing like soccer- aka anything but hands. It was amazing to watch. Like headers, shoulder juggling, kicking, etc. 3 hits to get over just like volleyball. I have a video I’ll post if I can figure out how…
The next day we woke up early to start touring. We went to Ceasaria first.

Then we went to Rosh Hanikra.
Read all about it below.
 Basically there were awesome caves to walk through.
 Then we went to Acre (pronounced Akker) to go to some other historical site. We first stopped in another Arab market for a quick lunch. We had our first falafel.
^^Falafel (fried chickpea/herb balls), tomato, cucumber, onion, lots of chummus of course…in a pita^^

Lastly that day we made our way to Haifa to have a look at the Bahai Gardens. 
 The view was unbelievable.
 We made it home for dinner, and went to a small Italian place for salad and soup. We split this greek salad.
 Rachel and Erin came to our room to play some bananagrams, and we went to bed early since we had another touring day ahead…
This time to Jerusalem!
 ^^View from Mt. Olives^^
We visited the Wailing Wall and walked around the Old City.
 And we did a tour of the Stations of the Cross. All leading up to the church where Jesus was brought after he was crucified. The church was so beautiful- and very emotional for some.
I actually posted after this- when my mom and I went for dinner at that same place again we had gone before with the veggie cous cous and mushroom hummus.

The next day we went back to Jerusalem. I made sure to get a run in that morning since it had been a few days! And then we took a bus to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum, with my sister and her friends. 
I had been to Yad Vashem before, but it’s amazing how much there is to see and read about while you’re there. It’s so thorough with all of the testimonials, documents, pictures, videos, etc. Wow. I won’t get into this anymore right now…
After that we went to Mt. Hertzel, which is a cemetery you can relate to Arlington cemetery in the States. It’s where the soldiers are buried if they die during battle, or where big political figures are buried. It’s so beautiful there with the graves and the flowers, and the views…
We then wen to lunch in the Old City- again. This time we spent some more time shopping while there.
There are so many shops with anything ranging from clothes, to shoes, to souvenirs, to toys, to food, to…

And that was the last of our real touring. I went out to the clubs that night with my sister again. My mom woke up the next morning to see Masada. I saw it last year so I didn’t go again. She took my camera, and I REALLY wish I could have taken a picture of this juice I got in the morning. It was orange, carrot, ginger juice, and was the best juice I’ve ever had hands down. And the most vibrant color of orange. I can’t wait to make a juicer to reproduce it. But I know it’ll never be the same.

We went to our cousin’s for dinner that night. It was so much fun. I had never met most of them, and don’t remember meeting the others. They are so great though and I am so excited to have more family to keep in touch with!
Annie, our cousin, made the most amazing Shabbat Dinner spread with chicken, veal, rice, cauliflower, beets, potatoes, salad with candied nuts (YUM), spinach, garlic bread…the list goes on…
I was so full! Like honestly I ate more that I’ve eaten in so long! 
And then there was dessert…
Homemade chocolate cake with a rich chocolate glaze and poppyseed cake…and amazing fruits-
^^A Loquat^^
^^And her beautiful cat Jane^^
And then we returned for brunch in the morning. 
Annie again outdid herself. Look at the beautiful table!

I want it all now!!!
This was all on our last day. So after brunch we went back to our hotel and packed up then sat out by the pool to soak up the last bit of sun we could.
Before we left ( we had a midnight flight), we stopped for a quick dinner, actually at this place I went to last year when I was in Tel Aviv.
^^I got this lentil, red rice, and veggie dish^^
^^And my mom this beautiful goat cheese salad^^
Oh, and we got one last yogurt before we hit the road.
All in all, it was an incredible trip. It was just the right balance of touring and sight seeing, spending time with my sister, relaxing, going out to the clubs, working out, delicious food….aand just the break I needed! 
…Now back to real life :(…Gonna be a hard adjustment, if not for jet lag alone. 
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