Touring is Exhausting!

I have been way too busy to post! And the internet is SO slow. So I will post from a few days ago all that I had time to wait for to upload…

After a night out with my sister, I woke up pretty hungover and needed 1 thing: a big, huge breakfast.

I also needed big sunglasses to disguise by eyeballs.

One of the reasons I came back to Israel so soon, besides to see my sister, was for Shakshuka. My most favoritest dish ever…

 This lived up to my expectations. My mom and I split this ^^eggplant feta shakshuka^^, which is a spicy tomato sauce with eggs (medium) in it, and veggies, and cheese, and bread to dip…Oh. My. God.

 No surprise it came accompanied with an Israeli salad…and many unpictured dips for the bread rolls including but not limited to Nutella and apple butter.

 We also split this pine nut, basil, goat cheese stuffed roasted red pepper. Blurry pic. sorry.

 My sister may or may not be partying too much so my mom needed to take her to the doctor. I, in the meanwhile, went shopping/walking around with Erin and Casey- her friends. I liked this bench pictured above.

 We also went to a dog park where Erin literally cried when she saw this Mastif…

 And Casey too when she saw a husky.

They’re strangeee. Anyway. I wish I uploaded more pics- but in summary this is what’s been going on…

  • We found the best yogurt place ever in the whole world. And we have gotten it already 3 times, enough to fill a punch card and receive a free one.
  • My mom and I took a tour to Haifa, Acre, Rosh Hakira (sp?) and Caesario. Great fun- very informative- made new friends- learned a lot- so much history!. Pictures will do it justice when I have time…
  • Today we went to Jerusalem to the Old City and again- so much info and history. My mom got to put a note in the Kotel for her first time- aaand now you wait for pictures.
  • Food has been as good/better than before. 
  • I am tired!!!!!!!!!!!!

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