One Last Post Before I Go

Ok just got done packing for the most part- documents organized and printed…whew!

I’m so sore right now. When I mentioned my “strength training session” in yesterday’s post, I was referring to my first ever personal training session. It was intense. When someone is watching you one on one like that you really can’t slack! All day yesterday, I was like, I’m fine! Not gonna be sore! Annd wow was I wrong. I could hardly get outta bed this morning…

Anyway I ran, went to work, watched my shows….

and now (if it was even possible) I’m even more excited to take off for ISRAEL tomorrow morning!

My mom and I are going to visit my sister studying abroad there. I can’t believe I’m going back, considering I was there less than a year ago! But I can’t wait!!!!!!!

So, one last post of meals before my yummy Israel meals come into play!  🙂

Double decker strawberry almond butter pancakes
My last run before I take off: 4 miles. I’m gonna try to run there, I won’t make it a priority…but running on the beach could be really fun! Just kinda worried jet lag is gonna take a toll on me.
I was lazy about lunch and snack pictures. Trust me, it was nothing interesting.
Dinner, however, was.
Huevos Ranchers
Ok, ok back up…
I first pan fried 2 eggs.
While that was going, I toasted 1 corn tortilla.
I put lettuce on my plate
Spread canned refried beans onto the tortilla.
Put these 2 eggs on top of the bean-spread tortilla.
Added chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, Trader Joe’s double roasted salsa, 2 kinds of hot sauce, feta cheese, and mexican blend of cheese.
And decorated an orange around the plate 🙂
Oozy goodness. Salty, spicy, crunchy, rich, cheesy….mmm the list goes on.
Dessert: some dark chocolate and some dates. The usual.
And packing and cleaning before my TRIP TO ISRAEL!!!!!
I will post while I’m there I hope. I gotta see what the internet situation is like. But please follow! If I can, I will take you on my trip with me- well, virtually. 
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  1. Elana says:

    dinner, yummmmmm

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