Hi guys!
Lookie what my dad made last night. 
Some sort of Indian Chickpea flour Pancake. I thought it was interesting, so I took a pic- but, I really don’t know much more about it. Sorry. (Dad you can comment and say the recipe.)
This morning I had to run 4 miles before work. I had my usual first breakfast of this:
Very dense bread- kinda sweet- very tasty.
Almond butter and bananers
Amazing how we can train our bodies- 4 miles used to be so hard! Now, with the help of music- it’s really not bad at all- and feels incredible when I’m all done. Taking it one step at a time and following a training program really helps though.
Lunch packed
^^Breakfast #2 Greek yogurt (plain, nonfat Trader Joe’s) with fruit and almonds^^
And lunch was beans my dad made- and pasta. 
Doesn’t look so great. Sorry again. 
Note: That pasta has made an appearance in like 5 meals since I cooked it a week ago. Talk about a time saver! It’s a good idea to cook a grain of some sort at the beginning of the week, and add it to whatever, whenever, however.
Dinner was really great. Coconut rice, curried lentils, cilantro, eggplant, mushrooms
Instead of cooking the brown rice in water, I cooked it in COCONUT water! Did that last night… Another blog inspired idea. And my Nana made those lentils- to which I added curry powder. And my dad roasted the veggies. It was a thrown together idea I feel bad taking any credit for at all.
To end the day, hot milky tea. And a square of dark chocolate. And a few dates. Mmm mmm mmm.
I failed on pictures today. Colors were so blah. Maybe I need more training with this. Or maybe a new camera…
Please check out my new page: Spring Project.
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