Finding Beauty in Your Own Backyard

Hola amigos. Just got home from my weekly restaurant shift. It is SO fun serving behind the counter. I brought my own apron today cause I’m just obsessed with it… Thanks Joy the Baker! It was a successful shift- and my omlet after was incredible (omelet with 1 yolk, the rest whites, zucchini, tomato, broccoli, mushroom, avocado, jack cheese and hash browns mmmm)- but like the end of any restaurant shift, my feet KILL and are now throbbing in relief as I sit down on my couch to relaaxxx. Aaaaahhh….I plan on bumming around for the rest of the afternoon/night. Catching up on some television.
So yesterday after my run I went straight over to my aunts house, and had hardly any lunch. By the time I got to babysit, I was STARVING. In desperate NEED of energy, I went to Starbucks and tried their Vivano smoothies. I chose chocolate banana, with soy milk and a shot of espresso. It has protein powder in it and some sort of fiber enhancer? Whatever. It looked yummy.

^^And, it truly hit the spot. So refreshing and energizing.^^
And since I was early I took my smoothie over to the lake to chill out a bit.
You can see the Chicago skyline from here.
Evanston is so pretty
Sometimes you get caught looking all over the world for beauty, and it’s actually just so close to home. Even in your own backyard. Really. My yard looks out to a big sports field (soccer fields, baseball diamond, tennis courts, etc.), and I really take it for granted sometimes. It’s really hard not to! But like I said in this post, it’s hard to live in the now and stop looking for what’s next. Something I try to do every day is appreciate where I am at this moment. MUCH easier said than done.
NOTE: Don’t get any ideas. I’m still planning on moving away soon 🙂 At least for a little while…
Anywayy, this morning I woke up early to work. Made myself some oatmeal…and tried something new.

^^Coconut water/juice!^^
^^Coconut almond banana oatmeal^^
Instead of the usual almond milk, I put 1/3 cup coconut juice. YUM!
SO I leave you with this challenge for the week ahead. Appreciate the beauty in your own life. Step outside, breathe, and look around. Go for an early morning walk. Try something new (even something as simple as coconut water!) Enjoy the journey in life, and try not to anticipate the destination so seriously. 
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One Response to Finding Beauty in Your Own Backyard

  1. Julie says:

    I lOVE coconut water!

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