Piece of my Life

Here’s to me dilly dallying before I go run my 5 miles…Cheers (mug of coffee in hand)!
Yesterday’s morning oats:
The usual– 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 almond milk, 2/3 water, 1 scoop chia, 1/2 banana cut up- boil and stir- pour in bowl- add vanilla and almond butter!
Side Note: Isn’t it annoying when you wana cut down words in writing- like “usual” or “shower”. Lots of time I say only the first syllable in speak, but how to you abbreviate? “Us”-“Use”? “Show”-“Showe”? “I’m gonna go take a show, you know, the us”. Like, what? Frustrating I’d say. Very frustrating.
Ok, back to food…
Friday’s lunch packed
^^A thrown together pasta salad- looks kinda weird I know^^
In it was whole wheat pasta, chick peas, asparagus, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, orange cauliflower, feta, ricotta. Basically everything I found in my fridge. Oh, and I topped this with a splash of my dad’s homemade clementine vinaigrette.
After work I rushed downtown to meet my friends for dinner at Piece. Only to get caught in terrible rush hour traffic- unfortunately to be expected. It’s ok though- I listened sang at the top of my lungs to the Glee soundtrack. Made the ride a whole lot better.
Piece has pizza and beer basically. The beer menu was overwhelming! So we had to try the $1, 3 oz samples before we decided. Look how cute, mama and baby BEER!
The pizza comes on this cookie sheet. We got white pizza with tomatoes, spinach, and basil. Side of sauce and giardiniera. Crispy perfection.
We thought we’d never finish, but turns out the 4 of us left only 2 slices!
On our way down to Piece, I spotted a chocolate shop and of course wanted needed to stop in. I got some dark choc covered almonds and dark choc covered espresso beans. Like I said, I don’t ever want chocolate, it is more like I need it. Anyone else feel this way? …Anyone?
This morning I woke toooo early. When you go to bed at 3 you’re NOT supposed to wake up at 8! But when the sun is shining it’s hard to stay in bed. Well, at least for me. Ho hum.
I fueled up for my run. Do I need to explain what’s above?
Eng muff, almond buttah, nanners, mango turtle shell
Mug of Love
After my 5 miles I plan on taking a “show” ;), cleaning my room, going to my aunts to say “bye” before I leave for Israel (5 days away!!!!), then off to babysit! 
Go have yourself a Saturday. Piece.
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2 Responses to Piece of my Life

  1. Elana says:

    Please don't forget to take pictures of your food in Israel!

  2. Jamie says:

    oh, I won't. Not to worry. And I'm sure there will be lots of food to be photographed 🙂

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