It’s Veggielicious

Let’s all say it together…ughhhhhhhhhhhh another Mondayyyy wahhhhh.
Ok, enough moaning and groaning…now onto better things… food things! Last night’s dinner is pictured below- I did not continue the breakfast theme of the day. Instead, I made this veggielicious pasta dish.
While the water boiled for the whole wheat elbow macaroni on one burner, I sauteed the veggies. It went down like this:
1. Heat a pan with olive oil. Add garlic.
2. Add BIG handful of spinach. It will shrink down like magic!
3. add 1/3 cup white beans- these are so creamy mmmm beans mmmmm!!!
4. add roasted peppers and 1 chopped medium tomato
5. add frozen artichoke hearts (from TJ’s)
6. Salt and pepper the thing up! Do a taste test.
7. Add parmesan cheese for extra creaminess. 
8. Let it simmer while the macaroni cooks.
9. When done, add the macaroni to the veggie pan and let it all simmer together for another few minutes.
Add parmesan cheese for looks and taste. 
This whole dish took me maybe 1/2 hour. MAYBE. And as good and filling as it was for dinner- I’m telling you it was even better today as a leftover for lunch!! It’s a great dish too cause it’s a complete protein aka beans and starch together aka the vegetarian’s dream combo.
I need to apologize that I never measure when I cook. I will try to be more attentive to amounts. But just as a rule of  thumb- when you cook just put as much of things that you like. There is a LOT of wiggle room in cooking. So, go for it and be adventurous! 
When I got home from work like a minute ago, I made this snack:
That’s 1 hard boiled egg sliced up a top Laughing Cow cheese spread on garlic Melba Toast. With green tabasco sauce too. I want more!!!!
I wanted to leave you with a promise and a tip. That is that I will soon post listings of grocery lists for you. So when you go to the store you won’t be wondering what fruits and veggies to buy, and then have some go to waste and run out of the others. If you go with a “theme” in mind for the week, you’ll be just fine. For example, Mexican theme: get some tomatoes, yellow onions, hot peppers, bell peppers, garlic, lettuce, shrimp, avocado, mexican cheese blend, tortilla chips, eggs, black beans etc. So you can mix and match (says my mom) and use some ingredients for say, fajitas, and make a salad another night, spice up some huevos rancheros and what not. 
ALWAYS have onion and garlic– and spinach and broccoli can go with just about anything too. Frozen is good as well as fresh. ALWAYS have cans of diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and all types of beans you like. These will NOT go bad, are SO cheap and SO healthy- and I guarantee you will find more uses for these things than you may imagine.
Juuust some suggestions. More details to come.
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3 Responses to It’s Veggielicious

  1. Jamie says:

    love it! love the grocery list idea, love the dish; looks delish but i still gotta work my way up to the whole bean thing!, you make me feel like i can maybe cook successfully?? who know…i think that this summer we should have ill come over once a week and you'll teach me stuff/we'll make a meal…thoughts!?!?!

  2. Julie says:

    Ditto what Jamie said

  3. Jamie says:

    interesting…I'll think about this…a guest video post…i'm liking it 🙂

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