Back in Action

TGIF everyone! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to relax all weekend! Plus, the weather is supposed to be nice again which is a HUGE plus. Rainy bad days really have an effect on me. I think I have SAD.

So my camera is now working again…yay! My food pics are back on in full force…
 After my runs this is all I ever want- a smoothie- with frozen mixes berries and mango, greek yogurt, chia, spinach, and pom juice…and lots and lots of ice!

 And for dinner last night I saw this picture on food gawker…and so I recreated it with my dad’s help. Last night he had made tomato sauce soo I ladeled it into these little ramikins, added some feta, made a little well in it then cracked an egg.

Baked that at 350 convection for about 10 minutes- took it out and topped it with more feta and some fresh herbs! This was such good comfort food…
 Side english muffin and broccoli…cause I wanted all colors in my meal…yea I’m weird.
This was so good, when you broke into the yolk it all just oozed and mixed together- and the tomato sauce was slightly spicy from red pepper flakes- just all together a satisfying, flavorful dish…And perfect for dipping!
 After dinner I was feelin’ tea. I made a late with a cinnamon stick and some almond milk.

 I sipped on this while watching shows with my mom and dad- they got me into Nurse Jackie. You seen it? I’m really liking it! Do I go back and watch the first season or not? I’m thinking yes.

The tea made me sleepy- which was the goal. I neeeeeeded sleep!

 Woke up STARVING and had this breakfast- Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pancakes (2) topped with almond butter, and then cottage cheese and strawberries on the side.
I went for a walk for 40 minutes then did pilates while watching United States of Tara (great ep)…I was hungry after…again…
… So then I packed my snacks for work (going out to lunch today with Carrie)…thats 1 HUGE carrot peeled and cut up, a Jazz apple, and a “snack sack” with choc chips, cinnamon Kashi Heart to Heart, a date, and some almonds.

I already ate the “snack sack” 😦 I want more!

And another tea late for work…this time with Ruby Red Chai. Deeeelish πŸ™‚
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3 Responses to Back in Action

  1. WhoZohnFirst says:

    Hey Pooz, that egg feta mess looks really good.K Bye now.

  2. Jamie says:

    will you take a picture of what ur little area looks like please πŸ™‚ have you decorated it at all?? you should!so what did u think about lost!?!?! i read what alan watching haha i needed to hear someone's opinion!!!!!!

  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks, Zohn…it was good! Kinda like that Shakshuka we had in Israel :)Jamie- I did decorate- I'll take a pic soon πŸ™‚ It't not too special at all but I'll post for ya!Lost was great…GREAT…maybe best ep of the season. I agree with what Alan said- pretty much to a T. One thing tho- I think Witmore is "good", which is different from what I used to think! And maybe all the Dharma people are on the inside, trying to hide the alternate island life from the non-Dharmas. Aka Whitmore and Eloise know about the island and don't want Desmond, Charlie, or Daniel thinking otherwise. They finally are "happily ever after" and they don't want anything to mess with that! Jay and Jack had a great podcast too. So, listen to it!

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