When Technology Fails Us

WARNING: The following is a long drawn out excuse of why I have not been posting many pictures lately:

It shouldn’t strike anyone as surprise that I hate technology. I am not an easily upset person, but technology mishaps make my blood boil to the extreme. Nothing else has the capability of making me SO mad.

For example, about a month ago I wanted to watch Up, the movie. It’s a short movie, less than 2 hours I’m sure. To simply put this DVD into the player and switch the TV input to the DVD setting took me almost longer than watching that movie. Ok, I’m exaggerating. But it really did take me the better part of a half hour. I was almost too frustrated to enjoy the movie. WHY CAN’T THIS JUST BE EASY!!!!! It also bothers me to know that never in my life will I ever actually understand how it all works- how cell phones, computers, TVs, microwaves…everything…HOW IS IT HAPPENING?

Ok, yes. I’m a little crazily ridiculous about this subject…anyway…moving on…

I have been away from home this last week dog sitting. My camera died. Ok, that’s my fault- I didn’t bring my charger, so I can’t take pictures of food I’ve been eating…

First Fork Then Food read this article… (thanks dad)

…and I do have that urge now before I eat that I really want to take a picture of it!

So, I resorted to my blackberry flip phone. I took a picture- and I must say it was better quality than I expected! But- how to get this photo off my blackberry and onto the computer then to my blog is not possible for someone like me. Someone who is so technologically unsavy. These “smart phones” really make people like me feel pretty stupid, to be blunt.

I used to have a very simple nokia…like this one…
…And I am strongly considering switching back. It was just so much easier- and I was actually able to get pics easily from the phone to my tmobile account. Plus I could drop it as much as I liked and it wouldn’t break at all!
Speaking of old techonology- get ready for this- no joke— at work I use a typewriter most days (in addition to a computer, for certain tasks), and our work system is MS DOS. Um…yeah. So, something THAT old can be confusing as well. Ho hum.
In conclusion, technology makes me ANGRY. And I wish I could be taking pics of my food. I miss it. I will start again soon! Sorry.
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