Stormy Situations

Stormy nights are great when there’s good TV on and you can just cuddle up with a blanket and a big mug of tea and lounge around all night.

Stormy mornings when you have to run 3.5 miles aren’t so great. When I woke up I noticed it was drizzling- no big deal- so I ran- when I was 1/2 way through the run it started down pouring and lightning. Oh god. I hid my ipod in my sleeve and ran as fast as possible home. What a rush! But not the smartest of ideas…

Anyway, I survived to blog about it.

Last night I started this book:
I think most people read this a long time ago. Not me. I’m hardly into it but I can tell I’m gonna like it. I just cannot believe it’s a true story- how depressing that that actually goes on.
So I’ve had a sort of cough for a while now- I feel fine- but it’s the kind of thing where I just have to clear my throat before I speak. More annoying than anything else. So I was reading this blog I came across- Choosing Raw (see blogroll)- and it directed me to this blog post about the body handling sickness. I thought it was interesting and relatable to my situation right now. I really don’t like to take meds when I don’t need to- and I never had a good reason why. But this post makes a lot of sense- how our bodies can and will fight off many sicknesses on their own without supressing the symptoms with medecine. And if we eat the right way and listen to our bodies we really won’t need medecines that we so quickly resort to without even considering other natural options.
**This guy’s story is also incredible. Worth reading about- very inspiring!**
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