Waffles in the morning, waffles in the evening…

Rise and shine! I woke up and was reading the food section of the Tribune with breakfast, you know, my usual Wednesday morning routine. And I came across this article, website, and all around incredible idea, that I thought I’d share. This guy is a genius!

He explores the question, “What would happen if we stuck (insert food item here) in the waffle iron?”

I like the egg idea, and the pretzels!

Read article here: waffleizer
Website: waffleizer.com

“Will It Waffle?”

Remember these cookies I made? Chocolate Waffle Cookies

SOTD: Ripple by Grateful Dead. I chose it. I love this song. And I was just so in the mood for it this morning driving to work in this beautiful warm weather.
Album: American Beauty
I love how music can really transform your mood, so intensley at times. It almost makes things euphoric for me- like this morning when I stepped out to run, and Jimi Thing (Dave Matthews) came on my power hour play list, and it was all nice out and I was in shorts for the first time this year, I was just so happy, lettiing the music just carry me through my run.
It’s kinda like when Lee sang last night on Idol. Wow. Goosebumps. Chills. All of the above. He was incredible. Agreed? On that note, Crystal was good too obviously, and I loved Garcia. And I especially loved how mean the judges were to Tim Urban. Get him outta there!!! Oh, and I cannot wait to see Usher perform tonight.
Tara from Monday was great-  I feel so bad for Tara. And Marshall too. He’s such a smart, confused kid. I agree with him about marginalizing himself in that club, and that he is just a regular kid. Why label it?

And last but not least- Lost: The Package. Well, I did think it was a good episode. But something about Lost just isn’t so exciting to me anymore. Like everything somehow seems overdramatic and played out. I prefer the stories off the island. Sun and Jin’s story was a good one, and it was cool to see how that connected with Sayid’s story. Interesting that they aren’t married, and that it was Keemy’s job to “catch” Jin for being with Sun. I also think there must be a reason that she lost her English speaking ability, in terms of the story. Maybe when her and Jin finally ALMOST unite, that will be what holds her back. I duno. I wonder… Oh, and Dez at the end…predictable. Blah.

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One Response to Waffles in the morning, waffles in the evening…

  1. Jamie says:

    i finally watched lost during one of my study breaks and i must say im kinda losing interest in the show…they built up all this stuff and the answers have been kinda obvious and prolonged..im getting anxious to know about the alternate universe and have kinda lost interest in the island itself! i agreed with your comment about everything being semi-over dramatic and predictable…the entire episode i was like hmmm wheres desmond been and then low and behold there he is emerging from the sub – and how super creepy was it when sayid was in the water and the two of them were just staring at eachother?!

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