How to make Mandel Bread

What is mandel bread??? Well, it’s the Jewish form of Biscotti.
Biscotti is called “Biscotti” because it is baked twice! (That’s what that means in Italian I believe)
Just an FYI…and now onto the good, delicious stuff. How do you make it?
Well, to be honest, it has a lot of steps. And it was a little intimidating. But it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it’d be! This is actually kosher for Passover mandel bread, in honor of the holiday this week!
Recipe: Mandel Bread
After the dough is made, roll it into a log and coat with cinnamon sugar
^^Here is the log baked^^
^^Here is the baked roll, sliced (I used a serrated knife)^^
^^Here are the slices laid out on the baking sheet, ready to bake for the second time^^
^^Baked twice, and all done!^^
^^I also made plain ones, which I later dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate.^^
^^After put in the freezer to harden, all done!^^
^^2 types of mandel bread side by side, like friends^^
Happy Passover!
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