Chag Sameach and Lots of Catching Up

Translation: Happy Passover! I have a lot to catch you up on…

But first…Take a look at the delicious food at last night’s Seder below…

 ^^My dad’s non-vegetarian plate^^
Brisket, roasted veggies, spinach casserole, potato kugel…and red wine of course!
^^My vegetarian+salmon plate^^
Roasted veggies, salmon, kosher roll (sorry, my plate was half eaten by the time I thought about a camera…oops!)

Ok now rewind to Sunday…I have been so busy lately 🙂 I feel like it’s been nonstop, but in a good way. Sunday I ran 4 miles! It’s not a ton, but I was very proud of myself. Thanks to Girl Talk to getting me through the run!

Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk
I then ran a bunch of errands, including taking my broken laptop over to the apple store to get a note declaring the complete and utter damage job my sister managed to do in Israel. (It’s ok…it’s insured…) I needed this so I can get a check from State Farm to replace it… It was all a bit depressing to see my shiniy new macbook pro leave for Israel in tip-top shape then return with a dented side, a cracked screen, and a coffee stained keyboard :(.
Anywayy I then proceded to bake for Pesach. I made kosher for Passover rolls and mandel bread. See the next post for a tutorial!
After all of that my dad told me that the unfinished puzzle on the dining room table was gonna have to go. We have to set the table for tomorrow! Ughh, add another thing to my to do list. Luckly I was able to draft Jamie and Julie to help me finish it! God forbid I should destroy an unfinished puzzle! 😉
^^Done, and admiring our hard work :)^^

A very quick recap on TV…did you see the Jamie Oliver show? I DVRed it and finally watched it Sunday. It had me in tears. So sad the way people are so oblivious to the importance of healthy eating. That food is killing us! I wish I could help Jamie out. He has such patience to work with those people and perservere through all the doubts. I strongly suggest watching this from now on!

This morning I had to run 3 miles- and I downloaded a new app on my ipod. Power hour- but I used it for running. Highly recommended. Makes the run go by so fast having the song change every minute! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before… It’s funny how 3 miles seemed like a long time last week, but now that I did 4, 3 is a sinch(cinch?)! 🙂
For breakfast I had a piece of whole wheat matzoh with a wedge of laughing cow cheese on it and one hard boiled egg sliced atop it all. Yum. But after the run I needed more fuel for the long work day. So I made this “green monster”, another blog inspired goodie. In the blender went…ok don’t judge…2 squeezed clementines, 1 scoop chia, 1 handful each frozen strawberries and mango, handful of spinach, cranberry juice, plain non-fat greek yogurt. I promise, it’s good. You cannot taste the spinach. At all. But it’s in there so you’re getting all those nutrients and such.
^^Inside the Blender^^
Have a great Tuesday! Enjoy this sunny 60 degree weather 🙂
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