Consecutive Days and Lost: Ab Aeterno

SOTD: Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows….came on the radio. “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”. So true—-

Album: I believe this is a single…Self explanitory
Breakfast this morning was oatmeal done a little differently than before. It was 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup very vanilla soy milk, 1/4 cup water, frozen berries, and 1 scoop chia ALL added to the pot before I even turned the gas on. So you bring it all to a boil together, then stir ’til it’s the consistency you want. I added almond butter at the end, obviously 🙂 It’s sweet from the soy milk and the berries- and so pretty, don’t ya think?
^^Berrilicous Oats^^

So about a week ago I deep cleaned my room and dug up some treasures from under my bed- I kinda hoard under there- birthday signs, speeches, cards, pictures, and other things from the past. And I found this:

Some notes I took in highschool when I was on the cross country team. I read them over and they’re so inspirational. I especially like the quotes and the “consecutive days” concept.
So last night’s idol SUCKED- they really should just kick out 5 at once so it becomes a legit competition.
LOST, on the otherhand, was AMAZING. SO many answers!!!!
I especially loved the cork and wine metaphor. Jacob is bringing people to the island so that they can prove they’re good. But Smokey is trying to bring out the evil that lives within each and every one of us. If Jacob dies, and there is noone to replace him, the cork is removed, evil spreads/all hell breaks loose, literally. I think this is what happend to Sayid, and all the infected. They became evil since Smokey got to them. And Smokey is trying to kill the candidates so that noone can replace Jacob. Interesting.
The whole episode was so different in the sense of the time period it was in. And it was fun learning about the history of the Black Rock and Richard. God we’ve been waiting so long for his story! I knew Jacob must have promised him his freedom for his life. Interesting how the “nice to see you out of those chains” quote resurfaced in a new form, from a new person.
The last thing I want to talk about was something Pam discovered. At the end when Smokey cracks the wine bottle, it really meant that he could get the wine out (evil spread) WITHOUT removing the cork! AKA another loophole!
What did everyone else think? 
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2 Responses to Consecutive Days and Lost: Ab Aeterno

  1. WhoZohnFirst says:

    I hope your getting my posts, I get the feeling they don't work when I'm at work. Love the notes from HS. The only thing I do on consecutive days anymore is sleep and eat. and poop. not even actually.

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