Aziz Love

First things first…SOTD: Live in the Sky by TI.
Album: King
It’s from my “workout” playlist…I don’t usually like TI so much, but this song is especially good.
Now onto important things, like saying THANK YOU to everyone reading this! I love when I get comments either from IM or FB, and of course comments on the blog that you like it and that you are reading it! 🙂
And EXCITING news right here: I just got tickets to see Aziz Ansari in Milwaukee doing stand up! I’m pumped! I mentioned here that I loved him- and now I get to see him in real life! Maybe I can meet him- I’m definitely gonna try my very best.
I Love You, Aziz. And I love the name of your tour.
So I decided to start training for a half marathon. My legs may or may not hold up after the 6ish mile mark, but I’m gonna follow a training program and see how far I get. I had surgery a few summers ago for compartment syndrome so sometimes my legs don’t cooperate still. But it’s a goal of mine to run those 13 miles, so we’ll see. Wish me luck 🙂 This morning I ran 3 miles which I haven’t done straight through for a while. It felt great. I miss running outside in nice weather- nothing beats it.
For lunch today I made this tuna salad last night- Italian style tuna (in olive oil), with chickpeas, greenbeans, diced tomatoes (all last 3 ingredients from can), some dijon mustard, red onion, 1 grated hard boiled egg, garlic powder, craisons, and pine nuts. Salt and pepper, of course. A much lighter version of tuna salad and it’s so good. Then what I did was cut up a Flat Out wrap into pita-chip sized pieces and toasted them. So then I had chips to dip in my tuna salad! This along with hummus and carrots (not baby carrots- a whole, peeled carrot cut up- much sweeter) was a great, healthy lunch. And filling too!
I’m gonna start doing some tutorial-ish sections on how to cook the basics. I know a lot of you who live in apts now always ask me how to cook certain things and instead of cooking you go eat out cause you just don’t know where to start. So I’ll help out. I promise. Any requests? Let me know…comment!
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3 Responses to Aziz Love

  1. Jamie says:

    what did you think of tara last night?

  2. Jamie says:

    I really liked it- and I like what the season's gonna be about too. With Marshall being confused and Tara as Buck with that other girl- and having to hide her transitions from John Corbet. Oh and I'm also obsessed with the daughter. She is so cute and I love her attitude and style. What did you think??

  3. Jamie says:

    agreed! what connection does tara have with the neighbor's incident? did she try to kill herself before…i can't remember if that had been mentioned last season, i feel like maybe she did or maybe she witnessed someone killing themselves or something…and thats (why she transitioned there/the reason she has this disorder to begin with…maybe that was the traumatic event) but i don't really know…thoughts?also, i LOVE the daughters hair, she's just so cool!i'm so excited to see how it all plays out with buck and that other chick…(shes from big daddy!)i hope that the sister and neil get together – the guys shes with is really good for her an all but its obvious that she should be with neil!i liked the gay couple (the neighbors) they were so funny and i think that they are going to add a lot to this season for sure!

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