TV Pleaseee

SOTD: Baby’s Got Sauce by G Love and Special Sauce.
 Album: G. Love and Special Sauce
Really fun, chill music if you haven’t heard of them. Perfect to start off my run this morn.
So, another Monday at work- definitely the busiest day of the week which is good- goes by fast.  Tonight starts season 2 of United States of Tara.
Toni Colette is such a good actress!
Every morning when I wake up, I need to think about what I’m excited about…cause getting up for work just doesn’t cut it. Breakfast usually gets me on my feet, and sadly (kinda) TV shows work for the long term excitement. Thank god for TV! It’s just sitting at work, my back hurting, doing the same thing every day is just not enough to get and KEEP me up and going. That’s why Mondays were harder than the rest- no TV shows I watched. But now Tara (and T, Alice, and Buck) have come to my resuce. Maybe the nice weather and the possibility of after-dinner walks and bon fires will kick in soon enough, but until then, my couch keeps calling my name. And I listen.
I hope I don’t sound like a total loser. Whatever. I’m out.
If you haven’t checked out my blogroll, do it! There are some good ones in there.
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One Response to TV Pleaseee

  1. KG says:

    I agree, Toni Colette is a great actress. Now we'll have another show to discuss before I attempt to get you into 24! 😉

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