Lost for words

SOTD: Blue Eyes by Mika
Album: The Boy Who Knew Too Much
So I really like Mika and was happy when this song came up first on shuffle. He’s great to run to. The music is real fun and up-beat. Very different- pretty sure its European or something.
Anywayy it’s FRIDAY! Weekends never cease to excite me. #1 I can wear leggings to work (aka go Pantsless…see blogroll). So cumfy. Tonight I’m going to see Alice and Wonderland with some friends. I’ve been waiting to see the movie ’til Jamie got back from school (or just haven’t found the time 🙂 Love you Jamie!) soo finally the time has arrived. We pre-purchased the tickets and everything- 3D IMAX, gonna be great.
Lunch today:
Veggie burger on Sesame toast w/ Laughing Cow cheese and veggies w/ Supremely Spicy Sabra hummus
Trying to eat a bit lighter since the nice weather is approaching and tank tops will be coming out soon!
…Um…I really don’t have much to say today…but have a relaxing weekend!
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One Response to Lost for words

  1. Jamie says:

    woohooo im home, too bad im at the library already :(and yay MIKA!!! i love him 🙂 no matter what his music puts me in a good mood, great way to start your day, and even greater you got to end it with seeing me lol

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