Lost: Recon…and Some Other Stuff Too

First of all, for all of you who were worried sick, my back is a bit better due to my pilates action this morning. Amazing how stretching and some core work really helps out all day long.

As far as lost goes, I have to say mehh, just an okay episode. A “tablesetting” episode, meaning it’s setting up what’s to come. I’m gonna bullet point this post.

  • Highlight: Sawyer. Sawyer. Sawyer. In. Love. And Charlotte was very beautiful, they make a cute couple.
  • Sayid is scary! Claire is scarrier! She needs to defriz that hair or else turn it into some dreads. I don’t get it…did she reallyyy try to kill Kate then hug her at the end? And mean it?
  • Sawyer isn’t helping anyone- just himself. When is he lying? When isn’t he? How would he even get in that sub and take it home? Seems pretty impossible to me.
  • Why was Charlotte going through Sawyer’s stuff?
  • Sawyer called Kate, “Freckles.” I hope they rekindle their love.
  • Umm…You know what. I’m lost for words. The episode had little to no impact on me.

Idol was great- My favs: Lee, Siobhan, Siobhan’s glasses, and of course dreadlocks. More on idol tomorrow, after the results tonight.

Something else I want to talk about. The Food Network. Anyone who knows me probably associates me with this channel- either because I watch it a ton or I turned them onto it. But the truth is that I hardly watch it anymore. It has changed so much for the worse, in my opinion. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not so much into reality shows or contest shows…(I know Idol is out of character for me.) The Food Network used to be just chefs cooking in the kicthen, very instructional. Now, it’s just not like that so much. I like Giada and Barefoot mostly. And Bobby. But if you watched it way back when, you’ll know who Jamie Oliver is. He is my favorite. SO knowledgable and just I love his style. And his name. And his accent of course. Not so much his semi-lisp. But it’s ok. He really know what he’s doing. He uses fresh, whole, local ingredients and makes everything look so effortless.

^^Jamie Oliver^^

That’s why I’m real excited about his new show: Jamie’s Oliver’s Food Revolution, premiering March 26. Be on the look out! It’s really cool what he stands for. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. 🙂

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